• The Office of the Future: Automation and Innovation in the Virtual Workplace

    The Office of the Future: Automation and Innovation in the Virtual Workplace

    The workplace is changing. Although the physical office can still be a place of productivity and collaboration, companies are empowering the individual worker by providing all the tools necessary to be a valuable member of the organization from any corner of the globe. Today’s workforce is becoming increasingly flexible, mobile, and even global in nature — virtual collaboration is at the center of the workplace and shaping the way businesses operate now and for the foreseeable future. Read More
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What Tool Will You Use to Grow Your Business?

Christina Robbinsby Christina Robbins | 9/26/16

How are you planning to grow your business in the second half of 2016? What if you could increase the size of each sale rather than having to find more net-new customers?

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OpenText Buys Dell-EMC’s ECD Division: The Market Continues to Consolidate Despite a Growing Global Market

by Patricia Ames | 9/20/16

Open Text agreed last Monday to acquire Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) for $1.62 billion. The move comes 11 months to the day after Dell purchased EMC — the biggest tech deal in history — and just days after that deal was approved. OpenText will absorb “the software, associated services, and employees of ECD,” including the Documentum, LEAP, and InfoArchive product families, according to the company’s press release.

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What is Business Intelligence — And Why Should You Care?

Craine150x150by Kevin Craine for Workflow

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and uncovering actionable insight to help executives, managers and analysts make more informed business decisions. The world of BI embodies a variety of approaches and methodologies, but in the end it’s about enabling organizations with the ability to not only collect data, but also to make sense of it in more thoughtful and profitable ways. After all, information is only as good as the insight that it provides, so BI systems are geared to help prepare data for analysis, run queries against the information, and create a variety of reports to make the results available to decision makers in ways that make a difference.

The Wavelength: Business Intelligence

wavelength 150x150 slideshowBusiness Intelligence, or BI, is a term we hear everywhere these days. From entertainment to manufacturing, businesses are collecting massive amounts of data and analyzing it in order to make better business decisions and improve customer service. We asked some executives who are very familiar with BI a few questions about what trends they see in the field and how their own businesses apply it.

Business Intelligence in the ‘Acceleration Economy’

Stewart150by Ken Stewart for Workflow

Deriving actionable insights from massive amounts of data is the entire point of business intelligence. For years, businesses have teamed with high-priced consultants and software vendors
to glean that one, special piece of information that would change the game — win that huge deal, shave millions from operating costs, or uncover the next groundbreaking product. Yet many of us are left wondering if the way we’ve grown up thinking about business intelligence is going to work for tomorrow’s leading players?  

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