AIIM 150by Bob Larrivee, AIIM

As organizations take a good hard look at their business models and processes to drive forward digital transformation, Business Process Management (BPM) has come to the forefront as a key enabler in driving improvements in efficiency.  

IBM 150by Luis Benitez, IBM

The workplace is changing. Although the physical office can still be a place of productivity and collaboration, companies are empowering the individual worker by providing all the tools necessary to be a valuable member of the organization from any corner of the globe. Today’s workforce is becoming increasingly flexible, mobile, and even global in nature — virtual collaboration is at the center of the workplace and shaping the way businesses operate now and for the foreseeable future.

Craine 150by Kevin Craine

In the day and age of increased digitization in business, process automation is essential to improve and streamline enterprise workflow. Eliminating manual busywork and paper-bound processes is at the heart of saving money and improving service, and a host of great solutions exist that are tailored for every industry vertical. But the question is: has “automation” replaced “innovation” in our organizations?



One Man’s Home Security System is Another Man’s Burglary Tool: How the IoT Crashed the Internet
Conrad Cruz

by Conrad Cruz | 10-25-2016 I woke up on Friday morning to the news of “someone broke the internet.” Thinking “what did Kim Kardashian’s butt do this time?” I ran to Twitter to see what was what. After hitting refresh a few times, I realized that the internet was actually...

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Redesigned Workflow Supports a Vision of Innovation
Ken Neal

by Ken Neal | 10-24-2016 In this column I will focus on a client case history that illustrates how redesigning workflow can make a significant difference in an organization’s print, copy, scan and mail operations. The story concerns a major law firm that wanted to realize...

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Continuous Listening and Cognitive Analytics Will Unlock the Employee Experience and Impact Value
Dr. Jay M. Dorio

by Dr. Jay M. Dorio | 10-20-2016 Data and technological advancements have significantly augmented the retail customer experience, with seemingly omnipresent touch points and information-gathering mechanisms used to enhance consumer engagement and loyalty.

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  • Canon Solutions America Launches Healthcare Advisory Team

    MELVILLE, N.Y., Oct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., today announced that its Enterprise Managed Services Division has introduced enhancements to its Healthcare Information Management (IM) plan and launched a Healthcare Advisory Team, focused on advancing enterprise print and scan platforms throughout the healthcare industry. The new team was additionally developed to deliver industry research and best practices related to print, document management technology, and workflow optimization to its healthcare clients.

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  • IBM Introduces New Watson Solutions for Professions

    LAS VEGAS - 25 Oct 2016: IBM (NYSE:IBM) today unveiled a series of new cognitive solutions intended for professionals in marketing, commerce, supply chain and human resources. With these new offerings, IBM is enabling organizations across all industries and of all sizes to integrate new cognitive capabilities into their businesses.

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  • Lexmark Optimizes End-to-End Financial Processes With ReadSoft Process Director 7.5

    LEXINGTON, Ky., Oct 25, 2016 — Lexmark International, a global technology leader, today announced the availability of ReadSoft Process Director 7.5, the most widely implemented Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution for SAP. ReadSoft Process Director leverages a customer’s investment in SAP, providing a comprehensive workflow for automated invoice processing and reducing AP automation costs by up to 80 percent. 

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Workforce 2.0: Technology, Integration and People

Campbell 150by Jessica Lynn Campbell, Web Benefits Design

Most people understand the concept of Web 2.0 — it is the integration of innovative, online technologies, user interactivity and collaboration, pervasive network connectivity, multimedia, and open-source solutions.

SpeakEasy — Embracing Technology: Q&A with Mark Sinanian

Mark Sinanianby Patricia Ames, Workflow

During a recent interview with Mark Sinanian, senior director of marketing at Canon Solutions America, we learned what lawyers don’t like, what BMW dealerships have too much of and why people in business are embracing technology more quickly these days — it’s those five year olds! Join me in the SpeakEasy.

From ECM to Insight: Using Analytics to Optimize Business Processes

Laserfiche150by  Karl Chan, Laserfiche

Through the rapid adoption of wearables, the proliferation of data-driven product recommendation systems and the advent of the smart car, data has infiltrated everyday life. Everything, it seems, has the capacity to be quantified and analyzed.

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