Craine Art 1117by Kevin Craine for Workflow Magazine

The Federal Trade Commission has opened a probe into Equifax’s historic data breach in which hackers compromised sensitive data on nearly half of all U.S. consumers. Investigators want to know whether or not the breach could have potentially been avoided had the firm been more proactive in employing the latest security patches to their systems. 

Alaris Art 1117by Petra Beck, Kodak Alaris

Security and privacy are increasing in importance and becoming more political; a challenging situation that has been compounded by frequent news of data breaches from high-profile companies such as Equifax, where the information of more than 145 million Americans was compromised.

Hyland Art 1117by Josh Gatka, Hyland

A few weeks ago, I received a meeting request on behalf of one of our customers directly from an auditor. I know that there are people who dread meeting with auditors, but I actually enjoy these conversations because I get a chance to describe, in detail, the features within our software that enable the protection of data in all states – at rest, in transit and in use. More importantly, I get the opportunity to talk about security best practices and how to easily adopt a defense-in-depth security posture.  



Growth Mindset Enables Leaders (and Their Businesses) to Look For Opportunities
Joanne E. Novak

by Joanne E. Novak | 11-07-2017 When I first read about the “growth mindset” coined by Dr. Carol Dweck, Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, I felt like I was reading about business leaders and technology, not schoolchildren and young adults.

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ABBYY Has OCR That Reads Just Fine
Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 10-30-2017 Optical character recognition (OCR) hardly gets the credit it deserves. Without it, we’d be stuck in the Dark Ages retyping entire pages to make an edit or convert a file — which would inevitably lead to more mistakes. Collaborating on documents...

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In Workflows, the Point of Automation is Optimization
Alain Gentilhomme

by Alain Gentilhomme | 10-24-2017 Enterprises weighing investment in workflow and business process automation have a wide array of options. To choose wisely, it’s crucial to keep in mind that automation itself isn’t the goal. The goal is to optimize business processes in order to...

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  • OpenText Joins Dell EMC Select Partner Program

    WATERLOO, Ontario, Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenText, the global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM), today announced that it has signed a definitive reseller agreement with Dell EMC establishing OpenText as a reseller partner within Dell EMC's Select Partner Program. The agreement initially includes OpenText InfoArchive® to help enhance Dell EMC offerings focused on IT transformation. This combination paves the way to help enterprise customers modernize and transform IT infrastructures. InfoArchive will be immediately available through Dell EMC's sales channels.

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  • Canon U.S.A. Unveils State-of-the-Art Customer Solutions Center to Elevate Service and Support for the Enterprises of the Future

    MELVILLE, N.Y., NOVEMBER 16, 2017 – Honing in on its enterprise service and support expertise to create one, collaborative team environment, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, unveils its state-of-the-art Customer Solutions Center for enterprises of the future. Designed to elevate the Company’s end-to-end service and support capabilities needed in today’s connected world, the center provides Canon’s dealer partners with the necessary tools, systems, and resources to help resolve customer concerns quickly and efficiently.

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  • Lexmark Introduces Advanced Output Management for Healthcare

    Lexmark International, Inc., a global imaging solutions leader, today announced the availability of Lexmark Advanced Output Management for Healthcare, a solution that combines durable, easy-to-use Lexmark printers with advanced queue management software to provide highly reliable, fast and accurate delivery of healthcare information, freeing clinicians to focus on the patient rather than paper.

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ECM By Any Other Name

Craine Art 0917by Kevin Craine for Workflow

Is the term “ECM” still current? About a year ago, the idea began creeping into executive discussions and podcast interviews that “enterprise content management” just doesn’t cut it for describing what is possible and happening with today’s technologies and approaches. Indeed, just as old-school handles like “document management, “imaging” or “the paperless office” eventually gave way to newer concepts and designations, is it possible our old friend ECM is on the way out of industry favor?

The Wavelength: Automation and Innovation

wavelength 150x150 slideshowAutomation: It’s a big part of innovating today’s workflow. We asked a panel of experts some questions about the ways in which automation and innovation are critical to today’s businesses.

Using Business Intelligence to Improve Workflow

eesyq wkfBy Jonathan Millbank, eesyQ Solutions

During the last 20 years, we have seen a fundamental shift from analog to digital content, allowing organizations to increase capabilities, efficiencies and turnaround times. However, this digital shift has not all been smooth sailing; it has demanded organizations to respond by changing technically, culturally, operationally, and in terms of improving skillsets and overall business strategies, or risk falling behind competitors.

Workflow is a comprehensive editorial website dedicated to exploring, defining and articulating the ever-changing technologies and business processes of the office technology industry.

As hard-copy information continues its transformation to more dynamic and electronic forms, an increasing number of office and personal devices are becoming part of the larger managed information technology landscape, compelling vendors and consumers of related equipment, applications and services to seek out ways to streamline their processes and improve efficiencies.

Through examination of workflow applications and services and their providers, Workflow informs its audiences of these shifts in enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM) and optimization applications, providing a one-stop repository of actionable news and information for the office technology and managed services industries.

Workflow’s goal is to not only recognize these shifts, but also bring together these disparate worlds of information technology to provide a centralized resource for understanding and mastering the information lifecycle of tomorrow’s office.