by Kevin Craine | 10/8/15

Banking is undergoing a massive shift that began with the automated teller machine, continued with online banking, and is now accelerating with the advent of mobile computing. It wasn't that long ago that customers were limited to their local branch and the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. “banker’s hours” of the 1900s. But today, customers are free to do their banking from anywhere and at any time, and the very idea of visiting a branch is becoming an antiquated notion.


Capturing new branch value

Bank performance these days is less about a physical branch experience and more about the real-time experience customers have when interacting with the firm. Driven by smartphones, iPads and 24/7 connection to the Internet, most financial institutions are investing heavily to upgrade their Web and mobile infrastructures. As a result, they have discovered a new value for a proven technology that many already use: Document and Data Capture. Indeed, a new generation of intelligent capture solutions has emerged that is helping banks remove the burden of paper in legacy processes, like loan origination and new account openings, while extending the power of capture to achieve new levels of case management and business intelligence. 

Loan origination still snarled with paper

Simply put, there's no time for old paper-bound methods when today’s banking customers expect real-time service and the very profitability of the firm hinges on efficiency, cost containment and customer responsiveness. One good example is the loan origination process – a process traditionally burdened with a host of paper-based inefficiencies and expense. As other areas of business and commerce have become more and more paperless, the loan origination process for most banks has remained mired in paper copies and manual workflow. Banks pay the price in unnecessary shipping expense, printing costs, and administration overhead, while profitability and performance often suffer from the inherent delays and complexities of a paper-bound process.

Mobile capture boosts branch profitability and service

New mobile capture solutions change all that with the ability for banks to remove paper from the loan origination process by using smartphones and tablets to drive the digital “capture” of the necessary documents. Loan officers and customer engagement staff simply take a picture of each document with a smartphone or tablet – either in the branch or in a customer’s home or office – then upload the images in a batch and automatically kick off the subsequent steps in the loan approval process. All the while, advanced document classification capabilities streamline the centralized back-office management of each loan.

Moving forward with intelligent capture

In today’s challenging economic climate, banks must be more agile and competitive than ever before. New intelligent capture capabilities -- like mobile capture, multi-channel input and advanced case management techniques -- enable a number of important improvements and capabilities that bring new value to branch operations while improving the experience customers have when interacting with the firm.

Are you ready to move forward? Look for providers and partners with the right mix of expertise, vision and capability that will allow you to cash in on intelligent capture. 

Guest contributor Kevin Craine is the author of the book Designing a Document Strategy and a respected authority on document management and process improvement. He is the managing director of Craine Communications Group. For more information visit