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How to Regain Momentum for Your Organization’s Digital Transformation Plan

Eric Johnson

by Eric Johnson | 10/18/2018

The good news? A majority of organizations have a digital transformation strategy in place. The bad news? Most of them aren’t going according to plan.


Five Steps to Creating and Optimizing Content-Centric Digital Workflows

Stacy Leidwinger

by Stacy Leidwinger | 10/15/2018

In simplest terms, content-centric digital workflows are systems that facilitate the movement of content both within and beyond an enterprise. They are put in place to complete business processes efficiently and get this data quickly incorporated into back-end systems of record – all while ensuring a high level of information integrity and a reliable basis for strategic operational decisions.


Transmittals Workflow: Updating an Old Fashioned Process

Scott Brandt

by Scott Brandt | 10/08/2018

Services organizations have been using transmittal workflows for years. The process consists of collecting multiple documents — some contractual, some operational and some informational — and attaching a summary cover sheet to create a deliverable package. This package, which can be delivered either by courier, mail or fax, today is mostly sent by email.


Don't Make Big Data a Scapegoat

Greg Sparrow

by Greg Sparrow | 10/02/2018

In the wake of the recent Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, data and personal privacy matters have come to the forefront of consumer’s minds. When an organization like Facebook finds itself in trouble, big data is often blamed, but IS big data actually at fault?When tech companies utilize and contract with third-party data mining companies, aren’t these data collection firms doing exactly what they were designed to do?


Why is the Responsibility Process So Essential For the Success of an Agile Team?

Elena Moldavskaya

by Elena Moldavskaya | 09/28/2018

The Agile method is one of the most applicable methodologies in IT industry. Some companies have already implemented it; others are in the process of transformation. Though numerous experts regard Agile as the best way to manage projects, the process of its implementation is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that should be done before you can say that your company has implemented Agile successfully. If you’re not already familiar with the basics of Agile, the Agile Alliance provides an excellent resource.


Take Charge of Information Governance and Compliance

Ken Neal

by Ken Neal | 09/25/2018

Today, data breaches and cyber-theft are at an all-time high, with new and evolving technologies being used to instigate as well as prevent attacks. As a result, organizations are being compelled to take both defensive and offensive measures to protect the privacy and integrity of their information assets. The trend from both a regulatory as well as an operational point of view is toward more stringent, more comprehensive and more transparent, unified information governance policies and procedures. 


Using Knowledge Management Technology to Preserve Indigenous Languages in British Columbia

Lisa Marcus

by Lisa Marcus | 09/18/2018

Linguists regularly visit Indigenous communities to gather knowledge and document the languages spoken. When they leave, however, these linguists historically take with them the knowledge they gleaned from Indigenous peoples. The appropriation of this data, and its placement in academic and reference texts, produces a painful paradox for Indigenous peoples: they often lose ownership of their own cultural assets, and end up having to buy back that knowledge to preserve it.


Be Ready to Transition to the New Normal With Digital Content

Joanne E. Novak

by Joanne E. Novak | 09/12/2018

­­­­It’s kinda funny.  You don’t realize how behind the times you may be until you reflect on the past.  I can remember reading "1984" by George Orwell – before 1984 — which made me think twice about the future date within my lifetime.  I remember seeing “2001: A Space Odyssey” – a movie about the future in space when machine learning crossed into maniacal machine behavior, also before 2001 — and needing to see it again as there were a lot of futuristic themes in that sci-fi plot-line. [This movie was one of many that set the stage that terrorized the general population into thinking that machines would take over the world!]


Opposites Attract When Technical and Marketing Teams Work Together

Aaron Riddle

by Aaron Riddle | 09/05/2018

Marketing teams in the technology industry rely on technical staff to communicate highly complex messages. Rarely will you find a marketing team that is technical by nature (guilty), nor is it easy to find a technical team proficient at marketing. In most instances, these two departments are married by a sales department that has a broad understanding of both disciplines and can decipher the languages of both.


Newswire Hacks Lead to Insider Trading — Another Look at the Need for Organizational Security Training

Amy Weiss

by Amy Weiss | 08/28/2018

There is one universal truth about cybersecurity: all the preparation, resources and infrastructure in the world won’t make a single bit of difference if the people in the organization aren’t aware, alert and on guard against threats.


Can Dynamic Fillable Forms Improve Your Workflow and Customer Experience?

Steve Luke

by Steve Luke | 08/27/2018

Your business needs to collect and present information. Dynamic HTML fillable forms are an ideal way to do this. With the advancement of HTML and adaptive HTML forms you can go way beyond the realm of Acro Forms and static PDF forms and you can do it without compromising security or having to spend $200,000+ for an enterprise-class product that may lock you into proprietary files and formats. Fillable HTML forms are easily accessed on any device and submitted through the same with omnichannel delivery options of the completed forms. The complete workflow of a business process can be handled with a single forms solution integrated with your existing or new business systems. There should be no requirements to modify your business software. Let the fillable forms become your gateway in and out of your system and your automated communications solution for your customers, partners, vendors and employees.


Three Reasons to Ditch the Low-Code Stigma

Ryan Duguid

by Ryan Duguid | 08/20/2018

No-code and low-code development platforms — which allow users to build apps without the use of coding — hold huge potential for enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives. But some leaders still hold back on embracing them in their own plans.


Nintex Xchange 2018

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 08/14/2018

Earlier this year Nintex hosted Xchange 2018, the company’s third annual customer and partner conference. More than 500 business leaders and IT professionals converged on the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California, to network and learn about AI, best practices and Nintex’s workflow solutions. The event featured keynotes and presentations from Nintex’s (now former) CEO John Burton, CTO Alain Gentilhomme, CMO Matt Fleckenstein, Senior VP of Technology Strategy Ryan Duguid, Salesforce VP for Strategic Research Peter Coffee, and Box Chief Product Officer Jeetu Patel. Attendees could also attend more than 40 breakout sessions or meet one-on-one with representatives from Nintex.


Digitalization, the MFP and the Mobile Worker

Larry Trevarthen

by Larry Trevarthen | 08/13/2018

As the office market has evolved from desktops to mobile, the multifunction printer (MFP) has evolved as well. Not only is the MFP the critical printer for high impact color documents in the office, it is also a fundamental element of the digital ecosystem with its scan and mobile integration. In this sense, the MFP bridges the gap between the paper and digital environment. Today, in addition to print, copy, scan and fax, MFPs offer connectivity and fully integrated workflow solutions.    


Cybersecurity Has Become the Business of Technology at CompTIA ChannelCon

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 08/10/2018

Thousands of IT professionals descended on Washington, D.C., July 31-August 2 for the annual CompTIA ChannelCon event, and BPO Media was there to bear witness. The focus this year was "The Business of Technology," and to our eyes, it seems that a large portion of that business is now focused around cybersecurity.


Jumping S-Curves and the Cyber-Physical/Cyber-Life Revolution

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 08/06/2018

Workplaces have traditionally consisted of people following processes that were supported by technology. Not anymore. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about a keynote presented by Dr. Tassu Shervani which explored how technology is reshaping the world, along with the opportunities and challenges it brings. Dr. Shervani is a professor at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University as well as an external consultant to some of the largest companies in the world. He discussed why he thinks technology is coming at us so fast, explained S-curves to the layman, and talked about how we are on the cusp of a technological revolution that will fundamentally change the world. It was hands down one of the best presentations I have seen in a long while, and I must not have been the only person that felt that way, because after the Sharp National Dealer Meeting where I first experienced Dr. Shervani’s insights, I was lucky enough to see Shervani again in Ft. Worth sponsored by Sharp at the latest BTA event.


Driving Innovation With Digital Technology and Process Automation

Ken Neal

by Ken Neal | 07/31/2018

When it comes to the level of importance placed on automating business processes, research by AIIM reveals that this is high on the list for many organizations. Seventy-five percent of survey respondents report that this is a “must do” in their business model, making it more of a requirement than a “nice to have.” This priority was the driving force behind a project recently initiated with a leading law firm.


Workflow Ninjas: A Conversation With Nintex’s Ryan Duguid

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 07/31/2018

Whether they need to share, store and collaborate on documents, or manage projects, customer accounts, billing, contracts, and so on, many businesses rely on platforms like Box, SharePoint and Salesforce as a part of their everyday operations. For many of those businesses, the platforms have evolved from “useful tool that helped us grow our business” to “critical business system that we can’t live without.”


SharePoint Saturdays

Joanne E. Novak

by Joanne E. Novak | 07/23/2018

The first time I heard about SharePoint Saturdays (SPS), I did a double-take. What? People attend an event run by volunteers to learn more about SharePoint? Then I saw how many of these free sessions exist around the world. It turns out that with 100 million active users, there is plenty of interest in SharePoint and how to use it beyond collaboration.


The Future of Collaboration Is in the Digital Workspace

Alexandra Lilienthal

by Alexandra Lilienthal | 07/17/2018

Digital workspaces are workspaces of the future – integral to the success of business in the long term, allowing teams to collaborate from anywhere. But they do come with challenges in ensuring they perform optimally within organizations’ ecosystems and satisfy the requirements of a connected world.