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What You Need to Better Manage Your Documents Now

Rebekah Callaro

by Rebekah Callaro | 11/07/2016

Today more than 90 percent of information is digital. Still, every day, time is wasted on searching for and rereading documents. A basic document management solution benefits businesses by decreasing misplaced documents, storage space, and search times. Through a secure central storage location, documents are able to be better organized and efficiency is created.


Four Smart Tips to Less Paper

BJ Johnson

by BJ Johnson | 11/03/2016

As we approach World Paper Free Day 2016, now more than ever, why, how and where companies should remove paper from their business has become quite clear. Digital transformation of processes has become a requirement to survive in today’s technology driven, mobile-enabled work environments. Manual, paper-based processes are error-prone, inefficient and labor intensive.


Small Businesses and Scalability: Workflow for the SMB

Joanne E. Novak

by Joanne E. Novak | 11/02/2016

I never really thought about how there could be confusion between growth and scale until a co-worker asked me the other day. When I speak about an ECM solution being scalable, primarily, I want an SMB customer to understand that we need to think about their strategy and the systems that they are using to support their expansion.


Redesigned Workflow Supports a Vision of Innovation

Ken Neal

by Ken Neal | 10/24/2016

In this column I will focus on a client case history that illustrates how redesigning workflow can make a significant difference in an organization’s print, copy, scan and mail operations. The story concerns a major law firm that wanted to realize a vision: implement business process improvements that, based on quality, innovation and advanced technology, would help the firm better concentrate on doing what it does best: practicing law.


Continuous Listening and Cognitive Analytics Will Unlock the Employee Experience and Impact Value

Dr. Jay M. Dorio

by Dr. Jay M. Dorio | 10/20/2016

Data and technological advancements have significantly augmented the retail customer experience, with seemingly omnipresent touch points and information-gathering mechanisms used to enhance consumer engagement and loyalty.


Valuable New Business Insights Come Courtesy of Workflow Automation Software

Mitch Taube

by Mitch Taube | 10/18/2016

Workflow automation improves the way companies perform essential functions. With a renewed emphasis on speed, accuracy and efficiency, an automated workflow makes companies more competitive in the fast-paced modern business environment. In addition to these benefits, automation also opens a window into a company’s processes that provides managers and C-suite executives with valuable strategic insights that can revolutionize the way an organization does business.


Adding Feedback Loops to Workflow

Scott Brandt

by Scott Brandt | 10/11/2016

Product design and engineering has been a linear process for many organizations. Though the design process has become more iterative through engineering project management software and agile development programs, it has remained fairly insulated from the rest of the organization, including the purveyors of the products (the sales staff) and often the end users (customers).


BPML is Dead. Low-Code Platforms Create Sophisticated Workflows Without Manual Programming

Colin Earl

by Colin Earl | 10/06/2016

BPML, along with other business process modeling languages such as Business Process Executive Language for the Web (BPEL4WS), Business Process Executive Language (BPEL) and Business Process Data management (BPDM), were intended to provide a common standard for systems that model and automate business processes. Like the 4GL languages of the 1980s, they promised spectacular gains in productivity and a number of vendors got rich selling multimillion dollar implementations to Fortune 500 companies.


There Must Be A Better Way – Why Automated Workflow is so Important

Joanne E. Novak

by Joanne E. Novak | 10/04/2016

Both “automate” and “workflow” came into being in the English language in the early 1950s at the beginning of the computer revolution. Prior to that, we could not conceive of what automation meant other than the Horn and Hardart Automat dispensing fast food via a coin-operated vending system: automatic for the people in front, but manually filled by people behind the scenes working in a kitchen.


What Tool Will You Use to Grow Your Business?

Christina Robbins

by Christina Robbins | 09/26/2016

How are you planning to grow your business in the second half of 2016? What if you could increase the size of each sale rather than having to find more net-new customers?


Outsourced Digital Mailrooms Drive Workflow Automation

Mitch Taube

by Mitch Taube | 09/19/2016

In today’s digital workplace, more and more companies are utilizing e-mail to receive everything from invoices and orders to employment applications and membership sign-ups. Though this makes receipt more streamlined and fast-paced, it unfortunately does not mean that every document arrives in perfect shape to work with workflow automation. As with paper documents, the preparation process can sometimes involve a few extra steps.


Four Challenges to Enabling the Digital Workplace

Taher Behbehani

by Taher Behbehani | 09/12/2016

Technological advancements have revolutionized workplace operations and employee communication, leading to a shift from manual processes to today’s increasingly digital business. Organizations undergoing this transformation understand that employees seek collaboration and communication tools that enable productivity from any location or device. Such thinking has led to the development of digital workplaces.


What Makes a Workflow Project Successful? A Case Study

Chad Kudym

by Chad Kudym | 09/08/2016

As an account manager, I see many different approaches for selecting a business process to transform into electronic workflow. A variety of factors, from grant funding for reducing paper processing to developing a more transparent process for government reporting, are common driving forces with public sector clients. I thought it would be helpful to look at a true-life story to illustrate a successful workflow project selection process; when done well the first project will lead to years of follow-up projects.


Business Process Automation Meets Information Governance

BJ Johnson

by BJ Johnson | 09/06/2016

Business Process Automation (BPA) is a critical component of every organization’s digital transformation strategy. Executives want it done faster, with less errors and at a lower cost. Employees don’t want to spend their time shuffling paper and working on administrative tasks. As if those aren’t enough challenges, the technology used to automate processes must align with the mobile 21st century workforce.


The Rules of the Road Benefit Everyone

Joanne E. Novak

by Joanne E. Novak | 09/01/2016

We had a great summer weekend – humid, but nice. I headed out both days to take a spin on my bicycle and enjoy the breeze. Whenever I ride, I often see traffic infractions that directly affect me, the cyclist: a large, blue pickup truck took a wide left turn cutting me off at a green light so he could get ahead of me and a silver BMW blew through the red light while my light had already turned green. (Ironically, the same light on each day.)


The ‘Digital Quotient’ Question Isn't How, But Where

Jacqueline Gimenez

by Jacqueline Gimenez | 08/29/2016

Mobile. Big data. The Internet of Things. The cloud. The 21st century global economy began digital and it's only picking up speed. Yet despite the technological advances, digital transformation as a strategic discipline has lagged behind, only now appearing on radars. Whether involved in banking, telecommunications, or government, executives must ask themselves the big digital questions — how are we digital? What's our digital maturity? Who's using paper where we should be digital?


Using ECM to Provide a Superior Customer Experience

Kevin Craine

by Kevin Craine | 08/25/2016

Every business needs to ensure that customers are happy and that they keep coming back for more. Indeed, customer satisfaction and loyalty are critical success factors for every organization regardless of the size and or type of business. And how customers perceive your company and what they say about their experience in social and mobile media can have a direct effect on your brand in the marketplace. As a result, there’s a new mantra pervading business today: deliver the optimal customer experience.


Q&A With Joe Odore, Panasonic

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 08/19/2016

Panasonic recently announced the release of Image Capture Plus, an application that transfers image data scanned by Panasonic high-speed document scanners to a PC in the form of an image file. This software lets you edit scanned pages (switch pages, delete pages, etc.) using thumbnail images. It also allows you to make various settings to facilitate complex scanning processes and serves as a tool for processing routine business work.


Document Versioning: What’s Old is New

by | 08/16/2016

Scott Brandtby Scott Brandt | 8/16/16

We have all used the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word as a means of keeping a record of the changes to a document. You may have even saved the updated document with a new name or added some designator to show an updated version. These are simple methods to version files.


Use ECM to Clean Up Your Physical Space

by | 08/01/2016

JoanneNovakKM webby Joanne E. Novak | 8/1/16

How much high school Spanish do you remember? Can you string together a grammatically correct sentence? Or, are there simply errand words that come to mind? Our brains do not keep all of the information we have learned. It knows the information to which we refer on a regular basis and keeps that information top of mind, but gets rid of the rest.