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The Power of PDFs

Tracey Mustacchio

by Tracey Mustacchio | 07/10/2018

PDF files are underrated. They are commonly shared as forms or presentations, and often serve as the final destination in the creative process – after a document is typed, the last step is to convert it to a PDF for sending.  However, in some cases the finality of PDF files can frustrate recipients who may need to take the extra step of printing the document to sign and rescan, or manually retyping the content in a word processing program to create an editable version.


HIMSS18 Roundup

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 07/03/2018

In early March, over 45,000 people descended on Las Vegas for HIMSS18, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s annual conference. As expected, almost everyone had something to say about interoperability, automation, security and compliance, and AI and machine learning technologies dominated a lot of the five-day-long show’s discussion. 


How Legal Teams Can Leverage Automation

Eric Johnson

by Eric Johnson | 06/25/2018

For in-house legal teams, efficiency is everything.


How Business Process Management Propels International Business Toward GDPR Compliance

Mark Holenstein

by Mark Holenstein | 06/18/2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a popular topic among businesses around the globe. The law was originally introduced and adopted into place on April 27, 2016, and allotted a two-year post-adoption grace period for businesses to meet compliance regulations. The formal enforcement date for fining noncompliant organizations took effect May 25, 2018.


Q&A With Sean Morris, Director of Sales, Digitech

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 06/15/2018

Sean Morris is the director of sales for Digitech Systems, a provider of ECM software. Digitech announced recently that they have certified their PaperVision Capture (advanced capture) and PaperFlow (desktop scanning) applications with the Epson WorkForce DS-770 and DS-575W wireless color document scanners, adding more reseller opportunities to the company’s existing partnership. I spoke with Sean and asked him to explain the relationship and the resulting benefits to resellers and customers.


DX-UX-CX: Connecting the Dots

BJ Johnson

by BJ Johnson | 06/12/2018

Ever feel like you are not one of the cool kids and need a decoder ring or Google translator to understand all the terms we hear and read about in this digital age?  Well, you’re not alone. However, the terms DX, UX, and CX will continue to reshape our personal and professional lives, so it is important we understand what they mean and how they are related.


Working Digitally

Ken Neal

by Ken Neal | 06/05/2018

A lot has been written lately about the concept of digital transformation and its potential to significantly enhance workflow and streamline operational efficiency. I like to think of digital transformation as the result of actions taken to move an enterprise away from the manual way business is transacted, to new ways of working in the digital era. Since the bulk of information is created or born digitally, it makes sense that the processes associated with that data should be carried out digitally, keeping the information in its digital form throughout.


Three Signs You're at Risk for GDPR Fines

David Jones

by David Jones | 05/29/2018

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, harmonizing data protection laws across the European Union (EU) via a new set of rules intended to ensure that the personal data of citizens is protected and available upon their request. While some companies have been preparing ahead of the GDPR go-live date for some time now, many others are still scrambling to ensure they’re ready for the compliance requirements.


How Apple is Solving Facebook’s Privacy Problem

Henning Volkmer

by Henning Volkmer | 05/21/2018

Good timing from Apple when it comes to Facebook’s data protection scandal and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect this week – with the iOS 11.3 operating system update, companies can now fully separate their business and private contacts.


Q&A With Alan Hui, CEO of izzbie

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 05/15/2018

After obtaining an aerospace engineering degree from UCLA, Alan Hui worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the Mars Rover program as a mechanical engineer. He then went on to found several startups in the e-commerce industry. Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder of izzbie, the maker of a cutting-edge device that allows users to set up and host a virtual private network using their own internet service from anywhere in the world without relying on third-party proxy servers. The company plans a Kickstarter launch in June.


Scanning: The Foundation of Automation

Larry Trevarthen

by Larry Trevarthen | 05/14/2018

There was a time when scanners were exclusively standalone devices used in dedicated locations in a business — and while this is still the case for specialized areas, input now takes place in many areas thanks to the MFP.


Bringing Business Intelligence to Mount Everest

Amy Weiss

by Amy Weiss | 04/30/2018

I have a confession to make: I’m an Everest junkie. Not climbing the mountain, of course. I’m not an elite athlete — or an athlete of any kind.  But I really like watching other people climb Everest. Like many people, my fascination began with the book “Into Thin Air,” which is the story of the 1996 tragedy on Mount Everest in which eight climbers were killed because of a freak storm. After reading Jon Krakauer’s account, I immediately went in search of the numerous other accounts of the event. From there, I moved onto other books about other Everest expeditions, and movies and TV shows like “Beyond the Limit” and “Everest Air.”


Q&A With Aarti Borkar, Vice President, Product Management and Design for IBM Watson Talent and Collaboration

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 04/27/2018

Aarti Borkar is the vice president of Product Management and Design for IBM's Watson Talent and Collaboration businesses. She leads a worldwide team of product managers and designers, and is responsible for vision, strategy and execution for the business. Borkar is a highly respected technologist with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Bombay University, a master’s in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, and a master’s in Tech Commercialization from the University of Texas at Austin.


RPA and BPM: What’s the Difference?

Brandon Buccowich

by Brandon Buccowich | 04/24/2018

Digital transformation can seem daunting, but it’s also an imperative if businesses want to keep up with the fast-changing digital economy. Forty-seven percent of CEOs are being challenged by the board of directors to make progress in digital business, and 56 percent said that their digital improvements have already improved profits, according to a 2017 Gartner survey. Business leaders are quickly realizing that automation tools provide the agility needed to reap the rewards of a digital workplace.


Why Businesses Need to Enter the Era of Intelligent Process Automation

Eric Johnson

by Eric Johnson | 04/16/2018

Many of today’s organizations are simultaneously excited and intimidated by one of the most common industry buzzwords out there: “digital transformation.” This apprehension is understandable — while we’ve seen countless companies succeed through innovative digital transformation efforts, others’ large-scale projects have failed time and time again. But what distinguishes a successful digital transformation from a failure?


Company Operations Require Reinventing to Keep Up With Technology

Joanne E. Novak

by Joanne E. Novak | 04/09/2018

Recently while watching an old movie, I was reminded just how far we’ve come with cellphone technology. In one scene the actor shouted, “Quick, find a phone!” It made me laugh because he meant a pay phone. You don’t see many of those around these days. Even cell phones are constantly improving to the point where we really aren’t truly cognizant of their effect on our lifestyles. Changes in technology often have far-reaching effects on our behavior, and while it may take some time to get used to our new technology and make changes, we always do. The desire to make the change usually overrides the time it takes to get used to the adjustment, so we don’t consciously notice its effects.


Q&A With Cynerio

Patricia Ames

by Patricia Ames | 04/09/2018

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that more than 2,100 patient deaths per year are linked to data breaches at hospitals.1 The findings highlight the need for healthcare organizations to redouble their efforts in cybersecurity and improve their post-breach remediation. They also illustrate how data breaches can compromise the performance of organizations, even if lives aren’t involved.


Creating Digital Value

Scott Brandt

by Scott Brandt | 04/03/2018

With the concept of digitizing everything becoming a reality, and the addition of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies, we are creating a crushing amount of digital data. But how to create value from this data?  We need to start at the beginning, otherwise it’s just a huge pile of bits and bytes that are consuming a lot of resources unnecessarily. The fourth wave, the Information Revolution, is upon us, but we are not all actively participating, or more importantly, benefiting from it.


Sell the Problem, Not the Solution

Lance Elicker

by Lance Elicker | 03/27/2018

Average or good salespeople sell the solution. The best salespeople sell the problem — and by the “best” salespeople, I mean the ones who get the best results. The best salespeople have all kinds of different approaches, terminologies, methodologies, sales processes and techniques, but one consistent theme I have observed from the best salespeople, is they make the focal point of the sales process the customer’s problem or pain. The less successful, on the other hand, tend to focus on the solution, which usually comes in the form of features and benefits dumps, or demos to companies to help become “paperless.”


Digital Transformation Is a Cultural Transformation and a Business Transformation

Joanne E. Novak

by Joanne E. Novak | 03/20/2018

While it seems like yesterday, it was already last year when I attended an Executive Leadership Conference sponsored by AIIM (The Association of Information and Imaging Management). It was an insightful session with speakers making presentations on the theme “A Digitally ‘Transformative’ Year,” and sharing their thoughts on the future of information management.