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Plan for Change and Reap the Benefits of Efficiency

by | 05/31/2016

JoanneNovakKM webby Joanne E. Novak | 5/31/16

In the fall of 2014, I got a new furnace and disconnected my air conditioning until spring. When spring came, I was ready to refill my cooling system and get it going, but I learned that the manufacturer was going to stop making that coolant the following year. AND, by the way, the old air conditioner was not compatible with my new furnace. Would you do a workaround for one year or just upgrade to something new?


Integrated ACA Reporting Technology Makes IRS Filing Easy; An Absolute Must for ‘ALES’

by | 05/26/2016

jessica campbell100by Jessica Campbell | 5/26/16

A 2015 survey of employers across 36 different industries revealed that 35 percent of large employers planned to use a dedicated ACA compliance vendor to complete their Affordable Care Act information reporting requirements for the year 2015. Of course employers were to accomplish their ACA reporting requirements and file their 1094-C forms with the IRS by March 31 of this year, but due to the complex nature of the 1094-C and 1095-C forms, the inexperience of HR staff, and the multifaceted, heavy work required to comply with the ACA reporting requirements, the IRS extended the deadline for electronic filing to June 30.


Why Enterprises are Embracing Open Source Software

by | 05/23/2016

John Newton Alfrescoby John Newton | 5/23/16

Open source solutions are by no means in their infancy, as use in the commercial sector has grown immensely. In fact, last year’s Future of Open Source Survey found that the adoption of open source across industries and organizations of all sizes had reached an all-time high: 78 percent of companies run part or all of their operations on open source software. What makes open source such a good choice for enterprises?


The Time Has Come for Multi-Channel

by | 05/19/2016

by Kevin Craine | 5/19/16

There is a lot of excitement over multi-channel marketing and customer communications these days, and here’s why: More than 750 million users use Facebook every single day. More than 6,000 tweets are issued every second. And nearly 20 percent of all web traffic comes through mobile phones. Clearly, the days of communicating with customers, clients and members via snail mail are coming to an end, so the question becomes: What are you doing about it?


Pharma Leader Finds Accounts Payable Cure: Automate Workflow

by | 05/11/2016

Ken Neal CBPSby Ken Neal | 5/11/16

According to a research report we recently issued, advancements in workflow automation coupled with optical character recognition data capture, supplier portals, and more efficient integration with ERP and content management systems enable organizations to leapfrog their accounts payable (AP) operations from a manual to a leading-edge function.1 This is the direction in which we are heading with a leading pharmaceutical firm: leveraging automation as part of a three-pronged strategy in order to optimize the firm’s AP process.


Digital Transformation: More Than Just a Buzzword

by | 05/09/2016

by BJ Johnson | 5/9/16

Conference season is in full swing and the latest buzzword is clearly digital transformation. Other buzzwords and trends like big data, mobile and cloud computing are still around, but their popularity with vendors, bloggers and consultants is fading. They seemed to have been consumed by digital transformation and rightfully so.


Success: Not a One-Time Measure, But an Ongoing Improvement

by | 05/04/2016

PhilHeinemanDatabankby Phil Heineman | 5/4/2016

A process is never as effective as it could be. In a quickly evolving world, we shouldn’t expect any of our business processes to remain stagnant. They’ll likely change over and over again, growing into something better each time. A living model of continuous improvement is the key to remaining competitive, and workflow technology should be flexible in order to adapt accordingly.


Real-Time Workflow, The New Reality

by | 05/02/2016

Scott Brandtby Scott Brandt | 5/2/16

In today’s world of instant access and gratification it is unusual that businesses have been slow to adopt new technologies that enable faster, more immediate access to information. As use of iPads and other tablets become more ubiquitous in the workplace, the reality is that workflow is becoming, and will be, real time.


Three Ways Millennials Want to Communicate

by | 04/28/2016

by Taher Behbehani | 4/28/16

Millennials make up 34 percent of today’s workforce and, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, will comprise nearly half the workforce by 2020. While business decision makers may be hesitant to upend existing technologies and processes around this shift, the fact is that this generation works differently than its predecessors, and understanding these differences is key to equipping millennials with the right tools to maximize productivity and efficiency.


Beware of ‘Workarounds’ When It’s Time to Ditch the Outdated Systems

by | 04/25/2016

JoanneNovakKM webby Joanne E. Novak | 4/25/16

I learned to type in eighth grade, and managed to do pretty well with speed and accuracy since I was a product of 10 years of piano lessons. Each of us had a manual typewriter, but throughout the year each student would do a turn at one of the two IBM Selectric typewriters. No more pounding the keys or losing your finger placement to hit the manual carriage return. Such excitement for an electric typewriter!


Workflow Automation Starts With Mailroom Scanning

by | 04/19/2016

by Mitch Taube | 4/19/16

Workflow automation can revolutionize your business. You’ll find that the manual mistakes, logistical errors, lack of transparency into your processes, inability to easily handle spikes in volume and slow turnaround times in document processing can all be things of the past. And though it is a multi-faceted process, workflow automation starts in the mailroom.


Can Millennials Make Government Workflows Efficient?

by | 04/06/2016

by Amy Weiss | 4/6/16

I have a confession to make. I did not vote in the last primary election. Please don’t judge me. It’s not really my fault. You see, it was a workflow issue.


Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Experience

by | 04/05/2016

by Kevin Craine | 4/5/16

The notion of “Customer Lifetime Value” (CLTV) is a concept and calculation that helps organizations determine the dollar value associated with their long-term relationship of any customer, determining just how much that customer relationship is worth. Used by marketers and C-suite executives, CLTV is a prediction of the net profit associated with the entire relationship with a customer. While the calculations can be a bit arcane, the idea of customer lifetime value is an important one because it encourages firms to shift their focus from customer acquisition to the long-term health of their customer relationships.


Q&A With Tony Barbeau, Kodak Alaris

by | 04/01/2016

by Patricia Ames | 4/1/16

Tony Barbeau is a products and services general manager, and vice president of the Information Management division at Kodak Alaris. He is responsible for business management, strategic planning, product development and commercialization for the Kodak Alaris information management products and solutions.


Document Management Software – Delivering Pathways for Modern Integration

by | 03/28/2016

by Lauren Ford | 3/28/16

Organizations are constantly under pressure to do more with less. The challenge is finding a cost-effective solution that will streamline every facet of a business process in order to make things run smoother, and thus become more profitable.


Drive Change. Don’t React to It

by | 03/21/2016

JoanneNovakKM webby Joanne E. Novak | 3/21/16

My first job as a teenager was at an educational film library that serviced primary and secondary schools within the capital region. They were moving from a small space that happened to be within walking distance from my house to a larger facility in the city that would give teachers plenty of room to roam the stacks and select films for their classes during the next academic period.


Orchestrating Customer Relationships and Marketing

by | 03/17/2016

by Kevin Craine | 3/17/16

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have been widely used for years now. Solutions for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers range from hugely popular enterprise platforms like Salesforce to lesser-known small business apps like Zoho. The technology and approach is intended to help organize, automate and synchronize the sales and marketing activities of any business enterprise.


Addressing Insider Threats and Data Security With Automation Technology

by | 03/09/2016

Richard Miliam EnableSoftby Richard Milam | 3/9/16

Today’s IT professionals are faced with numerous challenges and data maintenance tasks from managing multiple, diverse applications, to downloading and uploading FTP files, to onboarding new hires. Despite the complex environment they are to sustain, they still must face the ultimate threat of system-hacking and data breaches.


Why Service Providers Need to Sell Hardware, Break-Fix and Managed Services

by | 03/08/2016

James Foxallby James Foxall| 3/7/16

It’s difficult to say exactly how many service providers have gotten out of the break-fix and products business the last few years, but it’s too many and it’s too bad. Among our customer base, the most successful partners are those that engage in a model that melds products and managed services, cloud and more.


A New Approach To Outsourcing Corporate Campus Logistics Services

by | 03/03/2016

Ken Neal CBPSby Ken Neal | 3/3/16

In a recent Workflow article, I mentioned that due to the complexity and special skills required to manage corporate campus logistics services, outsourcing is often a key ingredient to success. A new approach to outsourcing these services is now available, a topic I will expand on in this column.