by Kevin Craine | 3/17/16

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have been widely used for years now. Solutions for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers range from hugely popular enterprise platforms like Salesforce to lesser-known small business apps like Zoho. The technology and approach is intended to help organize, automate and synchronize the sales and marketing activities of any business enterprise.

Richard Miliam EnableSoftby Richard Milam | 3/9/16

Today’s IT professionals are faced with numerous challenges and data maintenance tasks from managing multiple, diverse applications, to downloading and uploading FTP files, to onboarding new hires. Despite the complex environment they are to sustain, they still must face the ultimate threat of system-hacking and data breaches.

John McIntyreby John McIntyre | 3/7/16

After a one-year shakedown cruise in anticipation of its becoming a separate entity in the Great HP Breakup, the newly-launched Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) reported on the first quarter of its operations on March 3 – and those results were a mix of positive and negative indicators. In the earnings conference call, President & CEO Meg Whitman told investors “[for] our first full quarter as an independent company … we're off to a very strong start,” Whitman asserted that the company was benefiting from “being a smaller, more focused and agile company ... a simplified, faster-moving organization … [whose] employees are engaged and aligned.”

James Foxallby James Foxall | 3/7/16

It’s difficult to say exactly how many service providers have gotten out of the break-fix and products business the last few years, but it’s too many and it’s too bad. Among our customer base, the most successful partners are those that engage in a model that melds products and managed services, cloud and more.

Ken Neal CBPSby Ken Neal | 3/3/16

In a recent Workflow article, I mentioned that due to the complexity and special skills required to manage corporate campus logistics services, outsourcing is often a key ingredient to success. A new approach to outsourcing these services is now available, a topic I will expand on in this column.

John Newton Alfrescoby John Newton | 3/2/16

Ever feel like the harder you work, the less productive you become? This is a common feeling in the age of the digital enterprise where data and information are proliferating at an unprecedented rate and, in response, we’ve adopted more and “better” technology to help us manage the deluge. The goal, of course, is to create more efficient and innovative systems, but could the opposite be true?

JoanneNovakKM webby Joanne E. Novak | 2/29/16

The first step toward change often starts in our minds. We need to educate ourselves in order to change our habits. When it comes to the topic of paper, there’s a lot of change that still needs to happen in our organizations. Even having a responsibility to the environment and instituting green initiatives isn’t enough to reduce our reliance on paper. This challenge takes time and planning; going paperless isn’t a change that can happen overnight.

by Taher Behbehani | 2/22/16

Workforce communications and collaboration tools, as employees know them today, are as likely to increase distractions as they are to boost productivity. Workforce productivity in the enterprise is suffering because these various tools and off-the-shelf applications used by teams and workers to communicate only address niche solutions, and are disjointed from workflow processes. The end result is scattered communications, costing the U.S. economy $650 billion every year.


Kodak Alaris Emma Isicheilby Emma Isichei | 2/15/16
Everyone talks about digital transformation. How do you define it? Originally, the term “digital transformation” was used to describe the digitization of paper documents and processes. Now digital transformation essentially means the transformation of all business activities to be more competitive in today’s digital economy. Putting digital transformation at the center of the universe ranges from technologies and processes to connecting business divisions, systems, partner ecosystems, employees, and devices.

by Amy Weiss | 2/10/16

On February 9, Alfresco Software announced an advancement to the integration of enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) in the form of updates to its products Alfresco One and Alfresco Activi.