by Amy Weiss | 5/5/13
Workflow, according to some of the articles you’ll find on this website and other places, is the motion of content – from creation to management, delivery and storage. While it’s something we often talk about on an enterprise level, it’s something that any of us who work with content on a regular basis incorporate. And after reading a number of these articles, I began thinking about my own personal workflow.

This guest blog was contributed by Greg Walters | 4/30/13
We've been traveling the imaging ecosystem together for some time now. What started back in 2008 as a basement hobby is now a bona fide endeavor. Together, we've seen all types of managed print services players: professionals, posers, teachers, and cool-aide drinkers.  Over the past five years we've lived through the greatest technological shift in history, watching our technology titans try to steady themselves on foundations of sand, shedding the chafe and the devoted as they fell. 

This guest blog was contributed by Jim Lyons | 4/25/13
As someone who has worked in IT-related jobs his entire career, the term “workflow” is certainly not one that befuddles me or defies my understanding. Just the opposite, in fact. But that may not be the case for everyone.