Ken Stewart webby Ken Stewart | 8/8/16

On July 28, Oracle announced a definitive agreement to purchase cloud ERP software firm Netsuite for a stratospheric $9.3 billion. This will be the second largest acquisition in Oracle’s history next to its hostile takeover of PeopleSoft in 2004. Oracle is buying the firm for a premium of $109 per share — more than 12 times its 2015 revenue of $741 million — underscoring how valuable a strong cloud footprint has become to future growth.

JoanneNovakKM webby Joanne E. Novak | 8/1/16

How much high school Spanish do you remember? Can you string together a grammatically correct sentence? Or, are there simply errand words that come to mind? Our brains do not keep all of the information we have learned. It knows the information to which we refer on a regular basis and keeps that information top of mind, but gets rid of the rest.

by Kevin Craine | 7/28/16

There is a lot of excitement about mobile capture these days … and for good reason: 58 percent of American adults use a smartphone, over 40 percent own a tablet, and mobile computing grew by over 80 percent just last year alone. Indeed, there are more mobile devices out in the world than there are personal computers. Smartphones and tablets have become a nearly ubiquitous part of our personal and business lives.  

by Mitch Taube | 7/26/16

E-forms and workflow automation have caused a sea change in human resources and hiring processes. Businesses can now streamline and simplify the application and onboarding process, which is especially important for companies that are growing rapidly or hire seasonally. The combination of e-forms and workflow automation saves valuable time and resources while helping to ensure compliance and providing managers insight into the hiring process itself.

Nancy Van Elsacker TOPdeskby Nancy Van Elsacker | 7/21/16

Email has become a symbol of disparity, even of siloed work, and many argue that it needs to disappear from the workplace, at least in large part. Email leads to cluttered environments and disjointed, indiscernible data that are difficult to track, manage or navigate. Likewise, emails get in the way of work. Organizations are bogged down by it. Unfortunately, email typically mean much less gets done, but email is not going anywhere soon so we need to find a way to work around it.

jessica campbell100by Jessica Campbell | 7/18/16

Life happens! Employees come and go and the market changes, leading employers to require different talents as well as eliminate positions. Layoffs, terminations, new hire onboarding, and benefits administration are all part of human resources professionals’ repertoire of duties they must manage.

by BJ Johnson | 7/13/16

I recently attended the largest event for human resource professionals, the annual SHRM conference held in Washington, D.C. While employee engagement, recruiting, talent retention and professional development were top themes at this conference, it was clear HR professionals were focused on improving efficiency by eliminating administrative work. Of course, in today’s mobile, “always-on” work culture, what business professional isn’t looking for ways to do things better, smarter and faster?

Jacqui Connby Jacqueline Conn | 7/11/16

In both basketball and in business, there is a goal. For the past two seasons, my hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, aimed to bring an NBA title home and break the city’s 52-year losing streak since the Cleveland Browns won the NFL championship in 1964.

Ken Stewart webby Ken Stewart | 7/3/16

In what has become a continually developing saga, the recently reminted HP Inc. divested several business assets to enterprise information management firm OpenText, announcing the first batch in April and the second in June. Timing on the June deal coincided with a coolly received shift in HP’s channel inventory, but perhaps is even more interesting given the fact that HP Inc. pulled these assets over from HPE during the split. With HP Inc. and OpenText continuing to reshape (and dare I say, refine) I have to wonder just what this means for players in the market?

Ken Neal CBPSby Ken Neal | 7/5/16

In this blog we highlight a client case history that demonstrates an important element of efficient records management workflow: document remediation (or document “repair”). The story concerns a major passenger rail service provider that wanted to streamline access to important engineering information stored in its relational database.