Matt Fleckenstein

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has spent 20 years utilizing rules- and algorithm-based techniques to automate B2B and B2C customer experiences.  Matt is currently the chief marketing officer at Nintex, the recognized leader in Content and Workflow automation.  Prior to Nintex, Matt was the Chief Marketing Officer at Amplero, an AI Marketing Automation company that uses machine learning and continuous testing and optimization to enable marketers to achieve what’s not humanly possible.  Matt previously served as the VP of Product for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the Salesforce IoT Clouds.   Earlier in his career, he ran retention marketing for Office 365, using Big Data and Predictive Analytics to help Microsoft transition from being a perpetual software company to an online service/SaaS company.  An entrepreneur at heart, Matt was a cofounder of two adaptive algorithm startups — mSpoke (content recommendations acquired by LinkedIn) and Peak Strategy (algorithmic trading strategies for hedge funds acquired by Morgan Stanley).