by Raegen Pietrucha

When Michael Jackson sang the line “I always feel like somebody’s watching me” in Rockwell’s 1984 chart-topping single, neither of the singers had Facebook, the NSA or even Big Brother in mind. (What was the equivalent of Facebook in 1984? Oh, right — nothing.)

by Jim Lyons

In October 2012, HP released a number of new products and solutions with the “Flow” moniker, highlighting a significant milestone for the company and the industry. Beyond the branding, the company stepped up with hardware enhancements (especially on the scanning side) and solution components that made workflow much more reality and less hype.

by Ted Ardelean

Today, businesses are experiencing a profound shift in the way they process transactions. Digital technology has become the foundation upon which organizations connect important documents, data sources and records into back-end databases and seamlessly deliver the information those databases contain via internal networks and the cloud.

 by Ken Stewart

Regardless of your organization’s size, shape or go-to-market strategy, evolving to meet your customers’ needs is a top priority. Many firms have found that strategically outsourcing print and document services continues to drive value to the bottom and top lines of their business. With this continued realization, managed print services (MPS) has continued to grow and evolve.


by Bruce Orcutt

Quick — using only the contents of your pocket – what’s the fastest, easiest way for you to communicate with a company?

By Tawnya Stone

With diminishing printed pages, reduced hardware margins and increasing competition, office equipment dealers are looking for additional opportunities to provide value to their customers.