By Larry Barrett

After another year of relentlessly inflating the corporate IT balloon with unfathomable amounts of information shared and accessed on innumerable mobile devices connected to every conceivable business-critical process, 2014 figures to be the year companies finally get serious about bringing some order to the madness — or else.

by Robert Palmer

When you think about how business is changing today, it is impossible to ignore the impact of mobile technologies. The adoption of tablets, smartphones and other mobile computing platforms for business use is happening at a rapid pace, and it is no longer simply a case of individuals bringing their personal devices to work. The BYOD phenomenon that fostered the initial wave of mobile devices in the office has given way to a whole new range of smartphones, tablets and other mobile platforms designed specifically for business use.

by Larry Barrett

When it’s done right, workflow greatly reduces organizational inefficiencies, saves time and money, improves customer service and generally re-engineers business processes in ways that drive profitability and create new business opportunities. So what’s the holdup?

by Raegen Pietrucha

Don’t blame me if every time I think of workflow, I think of food. Blame the Frenchman who inspired my reminiscence on the time I spent in France — and all the amazing food I had there. Pain au chocolat. Macarons. Meringues au citron. Napoleons. Eclairs. We take so much for granted when it comes to eating, but how do you think that perfect little gateau came to be?