by Amy Weiss

In medieval times, being a mobile worker was simple. Expected, even. You took your sword out into the field, slayed enemies, dragons, what have you. Your tools were your horse, your suit of armor, your sword, maybe a pouch for the spoils of war. Mobile was the only way to go, really — it’s hard to pillage and plunder from your office in the castle keep.

by Patricia Ames

New logo, new major release. A quarter century in the BPM space. A human-centric technology. The future is gamification. It’s all too good to walk away from.

Seated in Ithaca, NY, Tompkins County is a progressive community of just over 100,000 people who prize environmental and social sustainability. “Our county vehicles are hybrids, our new county buildings are all LEED certified and we are always on the lookout for environmentally friendly products,” explains Maureen Reynolds, deputy county clerk.

Following on one of 2013’s biggest mobile printing news stories, the formation of the Mopria mobile printing alliance, the organization made more progress in February of this year with a news release touting, among other things, new members. Since then, a growing list of Mopria-certified printers has become visible.  

by Melissa Carlis

For the past several decades, companies of all sizes, across nearly every industry, have realized the need to implement a proper records management program to ensure legislative compliance, minimize their litigation risks and streamline document-based storage requirements.  However based on our experience, in many cases, companies simply do not have the resources available internally to effectively create and maintain a records management program.

by Robert Palmer

Bridging the gap between the old and the new is a constant struggle for organizations these days. From a business process perspective it applies to many different variables: the transition from analog to digital and the migration from paper to electronic workflows, for example. But one issue that continues to garner significant attention for many businesses is the need to modernize legacy applications.

by John Tomesco

Death by a thousand cuts -- paper cuts that is. Paper-based processes are slowing organizations down, and businesses that can effectively manage the analog to digital transformation will be more successful in today’s changing marketplace.

by Larry Barrett

Whether you're a multinational conglomerate with tens of thousands of employees or a small business with a staff of three, the liberating combination of cloud infrastructure, mobile devices and the applications designed for smartphones and tablets has made it possible to untether workers from most of the constraints associated with the traditional office.

Joe ContrerasWorkflow recently had the opportunity to talk to Joe Contreras, director, product and solutions marketing, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc., about the untethered office, security issues in mobile workflow, TABS' plans for the future, and more.

Joe AdachiAccording to Canon U.S.A. Chairman and CEO Joe Adachi, for years the company has continued to advance its service and solutions-based offerings. While Canon U.S.A. enjoys a longstanding reputation as one of the world’s leading digital imaging companies, some people may not be aware that the company’s focus goes beyond innovative products and equipment. The company also maintains a solid and growing leadership position in the business-to-business services segment.