by Vanessa Lapins, Novitex Enterprise Solutions

Cloud technology has the ability to positively disrupt and transform business models and ecosystems; yet, many non-IT executives have misconceptions about what the cloud really is, as it is often surrounded by jargon. Developing an effective cloud strategy requires understanding what technology is available and where it can be used to determine your risk appetite and compare the spectrum of options available.   

by Amy Weiss

I have often felt that there should be a special support group for people with loved ones who work in IT. Every job, of course, comes with its share of frustrations and complaints, but somehow the IT-related ones seem to be extra special.

by Jim Lyons

A new marketing research study sponsored by Mopria and completed by The Economist’s Intelligence Unit sheds new light on the role of mobile technology in the IT world, and also how hard copy fits within the framework of that newly reshaped world.

by Robert Palmer

Businesses face a diverse set of challenges today when it comes to enabling an effective and productive workforce. Organizations are investing significant time, resources, and money in enterprise solutions aimed at optimizing and automating business processes. Disruptive technologies are completely reshaping traditional business transactions, and the desire to take advantage of these technologies is leading some companies to place transformation ahead of process.

by Michael Howard, HP

The mobile phone has come a long way from the green-screened device with a removable faceplate. Today’s mobile phones are “smarter,” playing multiple roles including video conference host, alarm clock and keeper of emails, bank account information and precious family photos. 

by Larry Barrett

New — as it pertains to technology — is relative and fleeting. Regardless of where an organization finds itself on the digital business landscape, there is no shortage of emerging technologies available to help your company keep up with the expectations of your competitors, customers, employees and partners. But “new” and “emerging” can quickly become “wasteful” and “redundant” if these tools are misused or ignored within the organization.

by John Mancini, AIIM

Collaboration is key in organizations to speed up decision making, improve productivity and make global commerce easier. Technology
has become the control hub that makes this all happen.

by Patricia Ames

During ChannelCon, CompTIA’s annual conference, Workflow magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Ken Staker, Chief Implementation Officer at MWAi, and talk about ERP roll-outs, managing growth, good timing and the importance of preserving those elements that make a company unique.

by Andy Jones, Xerox

New workplace technology equips workers with the tools they need to become more productive, resulting in higher efficiency, reduced business costs and enhanced customer service. In my opinion, and that of many global customers I work with, the workplace is not just evolving, but completely transforming for every organization, across every industry.

In June, Thomas Phelps Joined Laserfiche as chief corporate strategist and CIO to lead the company’s Marketing and Information Technology organizations. We sat down to ask a few questions.