Intelligent Capture and Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Coming Together to Transform Your Business 

Thursday, May 24, 1 pm EDT/10 am PDT

Featuring Bill Galusha, Director of Product Marketing, ABBYY 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has exploded onto the market with intelligent software robots being used to automate a wide array of manual human tasks and activities by simply mimicking what a user does across one or many applications. Quite often these process activities that are being automated by a robot involve the processing of both structured and unstructured content.

To continue to fuel the use and expansion of RPA and the value it delivers in terms of cost savings and operational efficiency gains, organizations will need to look towards technologies and solutions that easily connect into the robot automation foundation that add content intelligence for learning, understanding, and processing all types of content including images, digital files, email messages, and text.

During this webinar we will explore the use of RPA for content-centric use cases, and how intelligent data capture is critical to the value and growth RPA can deliver.

We’ll specifically cover:

  • How intelligent capture is complementary to RPA tools when it comes to automating content-centric processes.
  • We’ll explore specific content-centric use cases in industries in banking, manufacturing, logistics, and finance and accounting.
  • The business case and ROI that RPA plus intelligent capture can deliver.


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