Adlib Rewrites the Story of PDF in New E-Book 50 Shades of Green

Toronto, ON, May 21, 2014 —Adlib has just announced the release of its first e-book, 50 Shades of Green. A parodist take on the bestselling trilogy 50 Shades of Grey, Adlib’s e-book brings the stories surrounding solving document-to-PDF conversion challenges across enterprise organizations to a new level. shaking up the document conversion market and providing a fresh approach to stale white papers and case studies.

In 50 Shades of Green, Tess Steele, an ECM Architect, faces challenges surrounding document-centric processes at her workplace. She meets Christian Green, a mysterious stranger, who claims he can solve her content, document and records management problems with Advanced Rendering, a document-to-PDF conversion software which integrates directly into Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.

“Having been in the document conversion space for over a decade, we have seen countless instances where converting documents to PDF on an enterprise scale can help improve the efficiency of document-intensive processes,” says Henry Friesen, Vice President of Products & Marketing at Adlib. “The PDF has been around for over 20 years and can sometimes be overlooked by organizations. This is why we went with 50 Shades of Green. Not only is it an e-book filled with entertaining narrative, it provides insightful content on how PDF for the enterprise can improve efficiencies and mitigate risk in large organizations. It brings PDF front and center, and helps us share our passion for the application of PDF to solve business problems.”

50 Shades of Green is based on numerous use cases and success stories that Adlib has been a part of with organizations using their Advanced Rendering document-to-PDF conversion software, Adlib PDF. Adlib PDF provides next-generation document conversion, which includes enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), integration with leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, plus automated document enhancements such as tables of contents, watermarks and digital signatures. The e-book takes the reader through the lifecycle of a document, from capture and compliance to management, archiving and delivery. It also introduces Adlib’s information and discovery seminar, PDF Therapy.

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