Alfresco Announces Availability of its Updated Content Connector for Salesforce

BOSTON, MA. – [September 15, 2020] – Alfresco Software, an open source, content management platform and solutions provider today announced the immediate availability of its newest Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce, a collaboration and integration tool, that incorporates the powerful capabilities of Alfresco Content Services within The connector provides unified search, more efficient collaboration and automated processes, all of which increases user productivity and enables an organization’s important information to flow more efficiently to the right person.

Notably, salespeople are spending only about 37 percent of their time on revenue-generating activities, according to research commissioned by Worse, just under 62 percent of their time is spent using sales technology to find and search for content to help them in their deals. To combat this, Alfresco developed an innovative ‘Recommended Content’ feature within its Content Connector for Salesforce that automatically serves up relevant, curated information for the salesperson; this frees them up to spend more time selling, and not dredging through mountains of data.

Forrester’s Principal Analyst, Cheryl McKinnon, in a recent report (namely, The ECM Playbook Is Your Guide To A Rejuvenated Program Strategy – Executive Overview: The Enterprise Content Management Playbook July 17, 2020) advocates for putting the needs of business users – and those they serve – front and center: “Business users need a digital workplace that helps them collaborate with colleagues and serve customers. Employee engagement is optimal when content — and the knowledge and data it contains — is easy to locate, consume, and share. Content creation and distribution are core functions of many client-facing roles.”

Tony Grout, Chief Product Officer, Alfresco noted: “Our goal is to help organizations and their employees surface the important information they need, when they need it. When a customer calls in, salespeople will want to be able to bring up all the relevant information about them easily and quickly, thus enabling them to offer a positive customer experience quickly and efficiently.”

A company’s ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and business dynamics is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. Grout added: “The Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce provides content in the context of the customer. By adding context, the content becomes inherently more useful and thus more valuable; this in turn enables the salesperson to potentially identify a new opportunity that could turn quickly into a new deal or opportunity.”

This latest version of Alfresco’s Content Connector for Salesforce, which is already in use with several customers including BNP Paribas, Angelo Po, Invesco Group Services and others, comprises several new features including seamless Single Sign On (SSO) that allows users, who are already signed into Salesforce, to directly access Alfresco Content Services. Other features include powerful search, support for standard and custom Salesforce objects, compatibility with Classic and Lightning experiences, and synchronization of Salesforce record properties to the Alfresco repository.

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