API mPOWER – Enabling Business Efficiency in Public and Private Sectors

BOCA RATON, Fla., Dec. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Processing & Imaging, Inc. (API), a developer of business process automation (BPA) and document management (DM) software announces API mPower, an innovative and easy to use web-based BPA/DM platform for City/County Government, K-12 School Districts and Small/Medium Businesses (SMB).

Based on industry standard BPMN2.0 (business process model & notation), API mPower helps organizations automate and accelerate virtually any business process. Examples include sales cycle management, professional services proposals, public records requests, online utility/tax billing & payment, accounts payable/receivable, employee onboarding, expense reporting, time-off/vacation requests, contracts and benefits renewal, mobile work orders and student records management.

Integration with market-leading ERP, CRM and SIS means you can complete tasks faster, synchronize data among multiple applications and auto-populate process forms to eliminate error-prone manual data entry. Forms and documents related to processes are distributed, reviewed, approved and stored electronically to speed workflows and eliminate paper forms. To facilitate collaboration and communication, Task Owners can append notes, comments and supporting documents during the process. API mPower monitors workflow status and automatically sends email notifications, such as when tasks are assigned and deadlines require attention. To help optimize operations and increase accountability, API mPower provides a web-based Management Dashboard for real-time visibility into all processes and related tasks.

Leveraging a number of advanced technologies including HTML5, Java Script, and Bootstrap, API mPower was designed from the outset to support mobile users on a wide range of platforms.  From virtually any mobile device, mPower users can access and complete assigned tasks, view and upload process-related documents and images, and audit all work in progress – extending the benefits of mPower beyond the office walls to mobile and distributed users anywhere.

API mPower is integrated with API’s OptiView document management system providing a complete solution for organizations to automate processes and have a secure, robust repository to eliminate the time-consuming, costly and risky process of storing, retrieving, copying, printing, distributing and archiving paper reports and documents.

Key mPower Features:

·       Cloud/SaaS solution eliminates the need to install, support or maintain the system hardware and software. Offers economical subscription-based pricing and security via API’s cloud platform.

·       Process Designer provides easy to use web-based graphical drag-and-drop interface that speeds and eases the design of workflow processes. No programming expertise is required.

·       Business Process Rules offers a library of predefined tasks; sub-processes; built-in templates; conditional transitions; and, serial and parallel routing. Helps streamline business processes and automate efficiency.

·       Form Modeler lets you automatically create mobile-enabled, HTML/Java based web forms as part of any process, with the push of a button. Gives users a common experience for data entry to help speed user adoption and gain faster ROI. All forms are automatically mobile-ready, and can be accessed easily by field workers or travelers on mobile phones or tablets, enabling true distributed process automation.

·       Automatic Process Launching via database triggers or other remote activities eliminates the need for user intervention to start workflows. Increased flexibility to drive further automation and efficiency.

·       To Do List enables quick and easy task, approval and priority assignments to individuals or group queues. Employees focus on task completion to speed processes.

·       User Roles & Permissions are easily assigned to provide authorized access to processes and data. Integration with network directory services (including LDAP) makes user management and authentication quick and easy.

·       Escalation Rules provide automated email notification using time-based triggers with automatic re-assignment of tasks. Gain optimal process consistency and output by enforcing policies.

·       ERP/SIS Integration enables the sharing of data among business applications, as well as applications and workflow processes, while automating and enforcing an organization’s business logic. Helps eliminate redundant data entry to increase productivity.

·       mPower Dashboard provides comprehensive web-based centralized reporting, tracking and auditing on workflow tasks and business processes. Helps enhance regulatory compliance and offers effective business operations monitoring and optimization.

·       Auditing helps ensure compliance by transparently capturing a real-time continuous log of all active and completed transactions.

“API mPower is offered as a Cloud/SaaS solution to make process automation accessible to all organizations. Our mPower offering reduces operational costs, increases staff productivity and provides transparency,” says Juan Rodriguez, CEO, Advanced Processing & Imaging. “Besides high financial ROI, organizations gain from a higher level of security, data protection, compliancy, system monitoring and availability.”

About Advanced Processing & Imaging 
For nearly two decades, Advanced Processing & Imaging, Inc.® (API) has been helping K-12 School Districts, Local Government Agencies and Small & Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) speed business processes, increase productivity and reduce operating costs through more efficient business execution and reduced reliance on paper-based forms, documents and processes. API’s business process automation solution automates existing business processes and presents information and documentation relevant for the task at hand—without having to manually search. API’s document management solution streamlines the storage, retrieval and distribution of the documents and reports required to power daily business operations. API offers both solutions hosted in their Cloud data center. For more information, visit www.apimg.com.

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