Asana Unlocks Collaborative Intelligence for Enterprise Customers

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Asana, Inc. (NYSE: ASAN)(LTSE: ASAN), a leading work management platform for organizations, announced new features and integrations to help organizations harness Collaborative Intelligence and drive organizational efficiency and agility. Unveiled at Asana Forward, the updates will provide leaders with an unmatched repository of insights into how employees are collaborating across an organization – enabling customers to pivot faster and accelerate business success.

Heightened market volatility and increased pressure to drive productivity and effective collaboration are forcing organizations to manage resources more effectively. The Work Innovation Lab, a think tank by Asana that helps businesses define new solutions to the challenges of work, conducted a Collaborative Intelligence study to gain insight into how employees collaborate. The study was inspired by research by The Work Innovation Lab’s academic and industry partners, which uncovered that 49% of employees are experiencing priority overload. Misaligned goals and disjointed tools are the culprits to dividing employee focus. Leaders need Collaborative Intelligence to help them understand how to drive efficiency and advance business objectives.

“Organizations are grappling with increased uncertainty. They are currently placing a heightened amount of pressure on leaders to deliver standout results while juggling budget and resource constraints,” said Alex Hood, Chief Product Officer, Asana. “We want to be the first to provide leaders with actionable ways to drive effective collaboration in their organizations. Today’s updates give leaders a company-level diagnostic of how work gets done across their organization. Our tools, with actionable insights from the Asana Work Graph®, will help leaders across any industry track progress, take action faster, and drive efficiency.”

Sharpen decision making and increase agility at scale

Tool and information overload are creating a lack of clarity which is hindering organizational efficiency and collaboration. Knowledge workers today estimate 4.9 hours per week could be saved if they had improved processes, according to the Anatomy of Work Global Index. This makes it increasingly critical for leaders to have visibility into progress toward goals and data-driven insights to quickly inform business-critical decisions. Now, Enterprise and Business customers will have access to executive reporting with portfolio dashboards and roll ups for key metrics like budget, time, and more – providing leaders with a quantified view of the ROI of their investments directly from the portfolios tab. By streamlining and providing a single view of how collaboration happens, as well as the health and status of strategic initiatives, capacity, and budgets, including actuals vs. planned, leaders can quickly spot roadblocks and take action faster.

Asana is also helping organizations drive standardization and automation across teams and departments as they collaborate. Workflow bundles for Enterprise customers will soon allow users to scale a workflow update across an entire set of processes. This enables teams to scale best practices across the company and adapt processes instantly to respond to changing market conditions.

Maximize resources and automate work across tech stacks

Today, companies have ever-growing tech stacks full of disparate systems that don’t connect with one another. When these tools aren’t connected, work is disconnected. Collaboration suffers when companies can’t accurately manage team capacity and resources, making it hard to achieve business critical goals. Asana customers will soon have access to universal workload which will give leaders a holistic view of team capacity across all projects and programs throughout their entire organization, helping them make better resourcing decisions.

To drive greater efficiency and enhance cross-functional collaboration across ever-growing tech stacks, Asana is also building new ways to automate work across tools with widgets and rules for integrations – bolstering its existing Asana Partners ecosystem of over 270+ essential enterprise tools. The new widgets will streamline collaboration and enable teams to add assets to Asana tasks directly from Bynder and have contextualized customer conversations in Asana tasks with Intercom. Teams can also view the status of open contracts in DocuSign by adding envelopes to Asana tasks and track HubSpot deal stages or marketing campaign performance in Asana.

“Organizations are seeking out new ways to drive operational efficiency and collaboration,” said Scott Binker, VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot. “Together with Asana, we’re helping our joint customers collaborate more effectively and save time by making it easier for them to seamlessly hand off work between teams and track progress in one place.”

To save time and automate workflows, new integrations powered by rules will help teams automatically create calendar invites in Google Calendar once an Asana task reaches a certain stage and upload Asana task attachments to a preselected Dropbox folder. By reducing the need for app switching and creating a centralized hub for work, Asana is helping organizations save time, increase effective collaboration, and reduce costs.

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