Atento Integrates Technology From Microsoft, SAP, Avaya and NICE

New York, 29 October 2020. As one of the world’s top five CRM and BPO service providers, Atento is constantly striving to innovate and improve systems and operations giving its agents new digital capabilities to reinforce its proven experience in personal treatment and drive new efficiency gains for its clients – some of the world’s most forward-thinking technology companies.

One example of this quest for innovation is displayed on Atento’s journey to cloud through digitalization increasing security, performance, and the modernization of its infrastructure, further improving the high CX standard that Atento already delivers.

Thanks to a series of strategic partnerships with several global technology leaders, Atento has migrated three key business areas to the cloud, consolidating its place at the core of the digital revolution for CRM and BPO.

Microsoft – Cloud Solutions and Digital Workplace

Atento is accelerating their journey to cloud partnering with Microsoft Azure. With the beginning of the Pandemic, Atento decided to use WVD and cloud solutions specifically designed for virtual desktop infrastructure and Remote Desktop Session Host management, enabling users to access a complete modern desktop from any device, whilst offering comprehensive compliance and security. With Atento@Home, employees can work remotely without storing company information on their devices and all activity can be monitored from a central platform.

According to Silvio de Mendonca, Atento’s CIO, “Using a centralized development platform has helped us gain a clearer perspective over what we had been using, what for and what was available.” Given Microsoft’s track record for working on high-end technological projects and its capacity for international ventures, Atento knew it would reach the high-level quality expected by its clients and guarantee reliability.

With +70,000 employees working from home across 13 countries, rolling out the migration into the cloud space in just a few weeks was a substantial undertaking. Something that only a company with a clear vision is willing to assume.

However, Atento has technology deeply rooted in the company’s culture. As De Mendonca reflects, “This partnership is not stopping here. Our partnership with Microsoft is geared for the long term. I think the Microsoft Azure service was an important step for other global projects being designed at this very moment, bringing benefits for our customers”

SAP – building data solutions with cloud’s native scalability

Atento plans to migrate its ERP system, from SAP ECC to ERP SAP S/4HANA, in the 13 countries where the Company operates. This partnership between SAP and Microsoft, also facilitates enterprise migration to the Cloud via Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-computing service.

José Azevedo, Atento’s Chief Financial Offer, said, “Our migration to a new cloud-based ERP system is a natural progression of Atento’s ongoing digital transformation to capture the many growth opportunities emerging in the global CRM/BPO market and to drive cost as well as operating efficiencies throughout our organization.”

Through collaborations with SAP, Atento has wholeheartedly embraced this way of working, confident of the benefits it provides not only to its internal operations but also of the added value it affords to its customers.

De Mendonca added, “Once implemented, the fully managed multi-cloud environment allowed us to integrate data from across our systems, standardizing and streamlining data management with a data platform that provides a single source of data, thus improving our internal operations and leading next-generation Customer Experience and BPO solutions.”

Atento’s partner ecosystem

Besides these vendors, Atento also partnered with other companies such as Google for Artificial Intelligence, Keepcon (social media text analytics company participated by Atento), Avaya, for cloud contact center, and NICE for speech analytics and Workforce Management solutions, among many others as part of Atento’s ecosystem.

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