Atento Opens Operation in Paraguay

NEW YORK, September 13th 2022 Atento S.A. (NYSE: ATTO, “Atento” or the “Company”), one of the largest providers of customer relationship and business process outsourcing (CRM / BPO) services in the world and an industry leader in Latin America, signed an alliance with Tigo Paraguay. This new deal strengthens the relationship between both companies,  extending their partnerships in other regions, and marks the beginning of Atento’s operation in Paraguay. 

This partnership means new jobs are being created and contributing to local development. Soon there will be around 150 employees, trained under both companies’ shared values, committed to providing the best CX from Atento’s portfolio of services in Spanish and Guarani.

“Tigo was the first company from our industry in Paraguay; since then, we have been leaders. We celebrate 30 years in the country this year, building a trusting and quality relationship with all our customers and always aiming to deliver an excellent service, with respect, solving queries and delivering a great experience. We are sure that having Atento as a partner will add significant value to the customer relationship that we have cared for and have protected for all these years,” said Carlos Blanco, Tigo Paraguay, General Director.

“We were very honored when, a few months ago, Tigo challenged us to start an operation in a new territory and represent them. For Atento, there are no obstacles when providing the best results for our clients, whether on-site, remotely, or through strategic partnerships in any region,” said Dimitrius Oliveira, president of Atento’s South America region.

Atento’s goal is to collaborate with Tigo’s success, supporting the brand’s leadership they already have in Paraguay and implementing technology and innovation through our new generation services and capabilities.