Banco Atlántida Selects SAP to Digitalize Banking Model for Greater Analytic Insights

WALLDORF — SAP SE announced that Banco Atlántida has implemented the SAP Performance Management for Financial Services application to obtain greater analytic insights into key performance indicators such as branch-level profitability.

Banco Atlántida will be able to go live with the solution in as little as five months because no coding is required, allowing users to configure all business logic and access existing data warehouses and data marts. Banco Atlántida executives will be able to make informed decisions across their lines of business by using existing reporting layers and enhanced analytic capabilities.

“SAP has joined forces with Banco Atlántida to improve performance, operations and efficiencies by implementing end-to-end business processes,” said Tonatiuh Barradas, SAP Latin America vice president, Strategic Industries. “By gaining greater analytic insights into profitability at a granular level, increasing automation and standardizing key operations, the bank is better equipped to make decisions that will have a positive impact on the bottom line.”

Banco Atlántida chose SAP Performance Management for Financial Services for its modern architecture principles, which enable users to access data sources at runtime and reuse existing data models and storage to showcase profitability figures in the existing report layer, while lowering costs. The application uses the in-memory capability of the SAP HANA database, which provides results and simulations in seconds. SAP partners msg consulting and On Business implemented the solution. Banco Atlántida plans to implement the full suite of banking solutions from SAP to continue its digital transformation. The product suite will enable the bank to dive deeply into each branch’s performance and calculate the profitability of each individual customer to better tailor its offerings.

“Together with SAP, we’re now able to gain a holistic view of our profitability figures within seconds,” Banco Atlántida Chief Operating Officer David Bueso said. “As a result, we can now make better management decisions, increase business efficiencies and better serve our customers based on comprehensive information that’s now at our fingertips.”

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