Bosch Announces New AI Document Automation Program

Charlotte, North Carolina, July 12, 2022 – The Bosch Group, a leading international technology and services company, has selected ABBYY to automate the document processing of incoming goods inspection and complaint management. ABBYY’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions enable the Bosch Group to drive digitization within the company, both improving the quality of processes and significantly increasing workflow efficiency. At the same time, the automated document processing reduces the workload of employees, as the process is significantly simplified and accelerated.

As a company that is active in the four sectors of Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology, the Bosch Group receives a steadily growing number of documents. For example, the company receives a large number of material data sheets for goods inspection and goods accompanying documents for complaint management, both in digital and paper form. The manual capture and transfer of document contents into Excel or into the database for further utilization previously required an immense amount of time from employees. Additionally, before using ABBYY solutions, the data could not be used for additional purposes, such as for the basis of graphical data models or to build digital twins with process and manufacturing data, as individual pieces of information were often not available.

By using ABBYY’s AI-driven IDP solutions, the Bosch Group is able to significantly reduce the amount of work involved in manual data reconciliation and visibly increase efficiency within the company. The data from documents for incoming goods inspection is now digitized and then transferred to the company’s ERP systems, where the usage decision is fully automatic. Likewise for complaint management, the data is then used to fully automate complaints. In addition, data quality has been improved because interfaces to local databases support their further processing and make it possible for comparison. ABBYY IDP solutions can be scaled quickly and are intended for widespread use in the long term, according to Bosch.

“In terms of collaboration, support and maturity of the technology, we are absolutely satisfied with ABBYY. Wider use of the solution within our company is already being planned,” said Andreas Magnussen, Project Purchasing Digital Transformation at Bosch Group. “ABBYY impressed us with its excellent customer focus and service mindset, offering a very flexible and comprehensive solution that could help out with any problem. Our investment in ABBYY has absolutely paid off.”

“We are thrilled with the impact our IDP solutions have made in the Bosch Group’s content-centric processes,” said Bruce Orcutt, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at ABBYY. “We look forward to continuing to support the Bosch Group with our technologies in their digital transformation initiatives and contributing to tangible business value.”

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