Box Launches All-New Box Experience to Simplify Work

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Box, Inc., a leader in Cloud Content Management, today introduced the All-New Box experience to power increased productivity and collaboration. The announcement introduces Collections, a simple way to organize files and folders around the topics and work streams important to you; the ability to add annotations to 100+ file types directly in Box Preview; and an enhanced Zoom integration that makes it easier to collaborate on content while face-to-face on video.

“We’ve seen work styles change more dramatically in the last two months than at any time in the previous few decades,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO at Box. “With the All-New Box, we’re taking usability even further, introducing powerful new tools for organizing your files and working together in real-time, while making it easy to bring your content into the applications you use every day.”

“The future of the workforce looks starkly different to the one of the recent past, and a large number of organizations will permanently keep at least a portion of their workforce remote,” said Barbara Peck, Principal Analyst of Nucleus Research. “Cloud technology is more important than ever, with secure collaboration and integrations with best-of-breed applications being key to future-proofing business operations. Box, a leader in Nucleus Research’s Content Management and Collaboration Value Matrix, is uniquely positioned to address the unprecedented shift in remote work with its focus on secure remote collaboration.”

Maximizing Personal Productivity – Introducing Collections

The All-New Box experience features a simplified, redesigned user interface that enables personal productivity by making it easier to navigate Box than ever before. In addition to enhancements like a new action bar design, refreshed icons, and advanced preview capabilities for Zip and RAW file types, the All-New Box introduces Collections, a new way to personalize and organize content in Box.

Available in public beta today, Collections allows users to create and name a dedicated space for projects or related content within Box. Users can add files, folders, or bookmarked documents into one or more of their personal Collections without impacting collaborators’ access to those items in Box.

For example, a user might want to group documents and folders around projects or ongoing processes in Collections called ‘Event contracts’, ‘Marketing launches’ or ‘User research studies’. With Collections, the user can personally organize the information they need to be productive, all easily findable in the left-hand navigation on Box.

Seamless Team Collaboration – Introducing Annotations, File Request, and Box + Zoom

Work today depends on secure team collaboration across regions, time zones, and even organizations. Interactions with external partners and customers are critical to business activities. This landscape demands that we rethink how we work together, both in Box and across the applications we use. The All-New Box experience delivers a streamlined solution to the challenges of distributed content and teams.

Annotations: A core piece of collaboration is the feedback and review process. With Annotations, users can leave free-form mark-ups and text comments directly in Box when previewing more than 100 different file types. This replaces the need to use external applications to leave annotations directly in content. For example, instead of opening an application to comment on the time stamp in a video, line in a PDF, or slide in a deck, users can comment directly from Box Preview.

File Request: Box File Request is a safe and secure way to receive files and metadata from collaborators outside an organization or without a Box account. This replaces clunky FTPs, expensive custom portals, or slow paper-based submissions. Box File Request allows users to send a link to request files from outside the organization. Submitters then drag-and-drop files which are saved directly in Box. Supplemental information automatically adds as file metadata which can trigger workflows and make that piece of content more searchable within Box.

Enhanced Box and Zoom integration: Usage of the Box and Zoom integration, which debuted last year, has grown dramatically over the past few months as more teams work remotely. The enhanced Box and Zoom integration allows users to create or join a Zoom meeting directly from a piece of content in Box with a simple click from Box Preview.


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