Buyers Lab Awards Square 9’s SmartSearch 4.2 2015 Summer Pick for Outstanding Document Management

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, SEPTEMBER 22, 2015 – Square 9 Softworks, a leading developer of innovative, business-centric software solutions, announced today that Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging products and solutions, has awarded Square 9’s SmartSearch 4.2 the 2015 Summer Pick Award.

According to the independent evaluation, unlike most products in its class, SmartSearch 4.2 is an extremely cost-effective, yet full-featured document management system, earning the BLI Summer 2015 Pick Award for “Outstanding Document Management Solution.” The Pick Award extends to both SmartSearch 4.2 Professional, aimed at small and mid-sized organizations, and SmartSearch 4.2 Corporate, suitable for larger enterprises.

“SmartSearch is one of the few document management solutions that can be ideal for both large and small organizations,” said BLI Senior Editor, Jamie Bsales. “Unlike many document management systems, SmartSearch includes most functionality in the standard product, rather than requiring extra-cost add-ons. This makes SmartSearch much less expensive when matched feature-for-feature with other leading systems. Square 9’s SmartSearch has demonstrated to BLI its ability to satisfy complex business needs, streamline daily processes and increase productivity.”

Referring to SmartSearch 4.2 as “Wiser than Ever,” BLI awarded Square 9 for the Summer 2015 Pick in large part due to the solution’s intuitive user interface and easy-to-use workflow design tools for automated business processes. BLI also noted the software’s embedded MFP applets and connectors for leading middleware packages, enabling the indexing of scanned documents at the control panel of leading MFP brands.

“On behalf of the entire Square 9 team, we are thrilled that BLI has once again recognized our achievements in product innovation,” said Stephen Young, President and CEO of Square 9 Softworks. “Our 2015 R&D efforts have been keenly focused on meeting the web-based demands of the global community through the introduction of a rich blend of browser-based features in SmartSearch 4.2. The result is a more powerful and extensible solution that maintains the flexibility and ease of use our end-user community expects.”