Canon Solutions America Article Series

Going From Paper to Digital Documents

Although talk of the paperless office has existed for decades, the motives behind it have evolved over the years. What began as a way to simply eliminate paper has transitioned into the combined goals of increasing efficiency, simplifying workflow, improving service, and building profitability. As a result, more decision-makers are focusing on document automation. Originally an exercise in clutter reduction and environmentalism, going paperless has become part of the C-level strategy, with the goal of automating key workflows and deriving more value from technology.

The Value of Managed Print Services

Companies of all sizes are realizing that there are excellent bottom line benefits to be gained by managing their printer infrastructure more carefully. The best results come from Managed Print Services (MPS), usually defined as a strategy to analyze and manage output devices throughout the organization with the goal of minimizing the costs associated with workgroup printing and copying. Benchmarks of a successful MPS program can include cost savings, increased productivity, better compliance performance and contributing to “green” initiatives.

Digital Transformation Enabled Through the Smart MFP

Businesses are looking for greater value from their MPS (Managed Print Services) engagements as they continue to struggle with issues related to digital transformation. Greater customer demand for more complex and advanced MPS programs to address issues such as paper-to-digital conversion, content management, document management, content security, process optimization, mobile workflows and workflow automation are becoming commonplace.


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