Canon Solutions America Enhances its Healthcare Information Management Strategy

MELVILLE, N.Y., Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., today announced that its Enterprise Managed Services Division has introduced enhancements to its Healthcare Information Management (IM) plan as part of a comprehensive industry white paper, with specific focus on advancing its enterprise print and scan platform.

The updates were the result of extensive research conducted by the Division’s Healthcare Advisory Team, which delivers industry research and best practices related to print, document management technology, and workflow optimization to its healthcare clients in collaboration with Patina Solutions.

As the healthcare industry continues to experience unprecedented changes, new technologies and innovations abound to help improve processes, drive standardization, and reduce human error. A critical piece of these changes is the ever-evolving ways in which healthcare leaders are addressing electronic health records (EHR) and system interoperability. Understanding the need to help its clients adapt to these changes, Canon Solutions America’s Healthcare Advisory Team, which officially launched July 1 of 2016, has developed a white paper to educate the industry on the imperative of integrating print and scan architecture.

“As on-ramps and off-ramps to provider information and workflows, print, copy, fax, and scan play a critical role in the success or failure of an IM plan and its ability to enable provider staff in effective patient care,” says Valerie Belli, vice president of the Enterprise Managed Services Division at Canon Solutions America. “The challenge is in not recognizing this dependence and therefore not incorporating this architecture as part of the system’s IM Plan,” added Belli.

Noted by the company as a key component of healthcare IM, Canon Solutions America has recently developed significant updates to its overall print and scan program that include the establishment of fully standardized technology and workflows coupled with services that can be delivered directly by its Enterprise Managed Services Division’s Healthcare Advisory Team. The Team has put equal focus into identifying ways in which a high performing print program can help increase security and reduce organizational risk.

“Development of a comprehensive print security strategy including the execution of that strategy from an internal communication and end user engagement perspective is a critical part of the solution,” shared Rick Ranft, senior director of the Healthcare Advisory Team. “Change management and user engagement are essential components of any provider security strategy that includes print.”

According to Canon Solutions America’s newest white paper, combining a strong print and scan strategy with EHR implementation to improve print project outcomes is now a critical business element throughout the healthcare industry. As noted in the piece, a comprehensive print and scan strategy can be an outlet for organizations to redefine their enterprise business solutions, while simultaneously lowering costs, ensuring security, and supporting cost-saving initiatives. The Enterprise Managed Services Division and its Healthcare Advisory Team are positioned to accelerate the advancement of the healthcare industry through primary research, benchmarking of healthcare providers, and an unwavering commitment to provide the best available print-related strategies and technology.

Canon Solutions America’s healthcare industry update is now available to download here. Additionally, to learn more about the Enterprise Managed Services Division and how it can help companies grow with transformative solutions to address financial, operational, and environmental goals, please contact the division at or 888.369.8911.

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