Q&A: Inside CapServe, the Service Provider Capture Summit

Workflow is pleased to be a sponsor of the inaugural CapServe conference, April 5-7 in Washington, D.C. We caught up with Bob Zagami, IMAGAZ by ZAGAMI, and Harvey Spencer, HSA, Inc. to find out a little more about this event.

What is the history of the CapServe event, and roughly how many people do you expect this year?

This is the inaugural CapServe conference, but the former AIIM Service Bureau forums have presented for over thirty years, starting off as the NMA Service Company Forum and finishing up in 2014 as the Document Management Service Provider Executive Forum. 

What are the main talk tracks this year – the hot topics everyone is coming to hear about?  

Improved production technologies to streamline internal operations.  Providing Cloud-based document conversion, post-processing, classification and BPO services for existing and future clients.  Understanding the role of a service provider in delivering solutions that meet their security and compliance demands.  Understanding the major shift to electronic records from paper records – happening at a much faster pace than previously expected.  Advanced capture software capabilities.  Networking opportunities with industry peers.  Understanding the future direction of their companies – do they have an exit strategy, do they want to buy a competitor, do they want to sell to a competitor? 

Who is the primary audience for the event?  

Traditional document conversion service providers who have been providing microfilm, scanning and ECM software solutions for decades, but now face a paradigm shift in their client’s requirements based on the changing IT environment and moving applications to the Cloud.  Copier/MFP dealers and resellers who are now offering document conversion services and ECM software solutions that compete with the traditional document conversion service provider.  Facilities Management companies who are now offering scanning and post-processing software capabilities for their operations centers inside large corporations.  Large corporations that have centralized document conversion and scanning operations.

What is the one thing you see that companies are really struggling with right now in this industry?

Understanding the future of their companies in light of the changing environment in the marketplace today.

We are starting to go through a major transformation in computing – what one might call the third generation of computing.  This causes new disruptive competitors to suddenly appear — it means that companies have to react faster.  It means that companies have to have an understanding of the processes that the documents will be used in, which means vertical understanding in many cases.

What changes in the market prompted this event?

How to react to digital transformation, reduction of paper, the need for immediacy, compliance and mobile – any time, anywhere.    

This conference is a natural extension of events that have been held the last 30-40 years for outsourcing professionals providing microfilm, scanning, ECM hardware and software solutions for their clients.  We felt the need to create the “next generation event” after a void in the marketplace since AIIM last held a similar event in 2014 in Albuquerque, NM.

What do you want attendees to come away with?  

Attendees will be confident in a new strategy to compete in today’s marketplace with new solutions that meet client requirements or rethink their strategy to buy other companies or sell their company.  Some things they will learn are how to respond to the cloud, how to price cloud-based services, how to build in flexibility and reactive change control.  

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