Casewise Unveils Highly Anticipated Operational Business Process Platform, Tactac

Las Vegas, NEV. (November 5, 2015) – Casewise ltd., today announced the release of the first-ever operational business process platform designed for mobile-powered workers. Casewise Tactac improves the performance of any distributed workforce by using business process databases to create detailed task lists for workers in the field. The platform is the first on the market and intends to revolutionize the enterprise architecture industry by providing a mobile communication tool that provides accurate progress reports and delivers detailed task lists to help streamline operating procedures.

“It is important that we make a difference for our customers by providing them with innovation through developing tools that continually improve our performance and amplify their experience and results,” stated Alexandre Wentzo, Casewise Chief Executive Officer, during the Tactac unveiling in Las Vegas today. “In an industry that is oversaturated with the same solutions, we strive to offer revolutionary change and the Casewise team has successfully achieved just that with the release of Tactac.”

Tactac is the first cloud-based operational business process platform to offer a true SaaS solution designed for “smart” mobile devices. Enabling real-time process improvement with build-in feedback loops, Tactac improves quality control, reduces costs and standardizes customer experiences. The revolutionary Tactac mobile app records real-time progress, prompting field workers to capture images and data in order to document task completion. Business process owners provide detailed task lists, including smart sequencing, to show field workers what they need to do and how to do it.

Tactac infuses a social engaging element to motivate workers to provide feedback and suggestions from the field. Using cutting-edge social gamification elements, Tactac prompts employees to share their tips and knowledge with badges and in-app recognition, which businesses can easily integrate towards performance reviews and monetary incentives.

In addition to providing an engaging new age, digital experience, developing Tactac was motivated based on the fact that increasing the amount of human intelligence directly from workers that experience their tasks first hand, would offer obvious benefits for multiple stakeholders. Operational teams work more efficiently with less frustration. Managers have better real-time insight into what’s happening out in the field. Customers experience smoother, more consistent interactions. And process owners can refine and adjust how their field workforce operates utilizing true workers’ feedback to help drive continuous improvement throughout the business.


Founded in 1989, Casewise strives to offer new and invigorating perspectives in business process and enterprise architecture solutions. By providing a dedicated team of highly experienced and creative specialists, partnered with advanced innovative products, Casewise offers fully equipped services to support Business and IT transformation activities. With over 3,000 global customers and over 25 years of service, Casewise continuously evolves within to offer extraordinary results worldwide.  With a team of passionate experts at offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Bahrain and Australia – Casewise provides expertise along with optimal solutions to clients who are looking to transform their business.

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