Cloudfind Automates Metadata Discovery for Box Enterprise Customers

BATH, England, September 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Tech start-up Cloudfind today announced an integration with Box that it says will ease and accelerate Box adoption within medium and large enterprises.

The new integration gives enterprises a way to radically accelerate the process of classifying and organizing enterprise content. By combining Cloudfind’s auto-classification technology with Box metadata features, businesses can quickly apply intelligent metadata to their Box files.

“One of the biggest challenges any organization faces is understanding its information assets,” said Cloudfind CEO and former lead for Knowledge Management at Deloitte UK, Sebastian Toke-Nichols. “By substantially automating that process, we can shorten the time and cost to get new teams on board with Box.”

Sophisticated algorithms within Cloudfind automatically discover business topics from the files and folders stored in Box. These can be reviewed as part of a taxonomy or metadata design process, and subsequently written directly to Box metadata fields on each piece of content. Users can then use standard Box metadata search to find relevant files more quickly and accurately than using keyword search.

According to Information Governance expert Chris Walker: “Metadata is hugely critical for leveraging an organization’s content, as well as for complying with various regulations and responding to requests such as access to information or discovery orders. One of the biggest challenges with metadata is having it applied consistently to business content.”

“Pushing the task to users may provide a reasonable level of accuracy, but it rarely works out well over the long term as users just have too much else to do and stop applying it. Automated methods such as workflow, inheritance, and auto-classification really are the only way to ensure consistent, accurate application of metadata.”

Cloudfind also actively maintains metadata, automatically updating as files are added, moved or renamed in Box.

By providing an automated way to discover and maintain metadata, Cloudfind aims to boost Box adoption and enhance users’ experience within large enterprises. Large, complex repositories of information become much easier to work with, for less time and effort than for conventional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform rollouts.

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About Cloudfind

Cloudfind is a pioneer in the cloud era, innovating with new ways to find, share and organize information, and so enable companies to enter the Digital Jetstream. Founded in 2011, Cloudfind is based in Bath, UK, with an executive team that combines deep expertise in knowledge management and enterprise software, with a track record in growing successful tech start-ups. Cloudfind is privately funded.