Collavate Releases Next-Gen Workflow and All-in-One Document Management Solution for Google Drive and Gmail

Sunnyvale, CA, March 31, 2014 — Collavate, Inc. is proud to announce the 2014 Spring Release of new features that greatly enhance its flagship product, Collavate. The newly released features allow users to handle vertical and horizontal collaboration for a single and for multiple documents, process electronic approvals and add tags to a working document in real time.

While users are unable to process multiple files simultaneously in Google Drive, Collavate users can enjoy the luxury of processing and collaborating a maximum of 4 files at the same time. This eliminates the hassle of having to go through separate approval processes for sets of different, but related, documents.

Another part of this release allows users to create, edit, and tag documents and files, and assign limited access security labels and design workflow all at once. Now users do not have to go through different steps for these features. On top of these new features, users can assign 5-tier security levels and approve documents with signatures.

Justin Jung, the CEO of Collavate, stated that “the changes in Collavate’s 2014 Spring Release resulted from engaging with our customers and hearing their feedback. We hope to enhance flexibility and simplicity in document collaboration for our business users. We also expect Collavate to be used in a variety of businesses and organizations.”

Collavate currently has about 400,000 individual and 2,000 organization users, ranging from private businesses to education and government sectors across the world. With the Spring Release, Collavate users can now take full advantage of all that Collavate offers by using these features to become masters of collaboration on Google Drive

Collavate is open to all Google Apps and personal Gmail users for free. Users can visit Collavate website at

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