Conduent Introduces Simplified Consumer Finance Platform

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Digital innovation has permeated every industry, raising the expectations of consumers and businesses for speed and intelligence that improves operations. Legacy loan servicing systems are not conducive to a digital-first environment, creating a need for intuitive, seamless technology that better meets the needs of agents, vendors and consumers at the speed of today’s business.

Conduent Incorporated (NYSE: CNDT) today introduced Conduent Loan Manager Solutions, a suite of offerings enabled by a digital consumer finance servicing platform, to transform the way loan servicers and collectors serve their customers. The Loan Manager platform integrates loan servicing, loan collections, document imaging, and payment processing vendors, all within one browser-based application.

Loan Manager delivers the business logic, power and performance of mainframe-based systems through its intuitive, user-friendly interface, and enables efficiency in loan servicing and collections.

Built on the backbone of Conduent’s more than 30-year history in consumer finance, Loan Manager allows users to find and edit data quickly and easily, viewing detailed account information immediately with a single click. While seemingly straightforward, these features can significantly lower servicing IT costs and reduce training time. More loan accounts can be serviced by fewer employees who no longer need to work with multiple systems and screens.

“Working smarter with sophisticated software that automates business tasks, financial institutions can use resources more effectively and meet consumer demand for faster, digital tools,” said Sumeet Sanghani, Conduent, general manager, Banking and Capital Markets. “By bundling applications in a single browser, we’ve simplified our customers’ ability to gain an intelligent view of their borrowers, enhancing productivity, profitability and enabling better performance.”

Key Loan Manager features include:

  • Simplified workflow – users can safely and securely access the most up-to-date borrower information in a single view.
  • Customizable – the platform streamlines multi-step processes based on the clients’ individual business rules, operating processes and needs.
  • Cost effectiveness – the streamlined system reduces IT support expenses by lowering servicing and collections costs and reducing training time.

Conduent, the software engine behind major consumer finance companies, hosts more than 10 million loans and leases, representing $90 billion in assets. The company has been fueling success with innovative, integrated, end-to-end services that have improved the consumer loan lifecycle for more than 30 years.  

About Conduent  

Conduent (NYSE: CNDT) is the world’s largest provider of diversified business services with leading capabilities in transaction processing, automation and analytics. The company’s global workforce is dedicated to helping its large and diverse client base deliver quality services to the people they serve. These clients include 76 of the Fortune 100 companies and over 500 government entities.

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