Conduent Offers Contact Tracing Staff and Expands Maven to Ease Agencies’ COVID-19 Workload

FLORHAM PARK, N.J., May 26, 2020 — Conduent Incorporated, a business process services and solutions company, as part of its efforts to support a safer economic reopening, today introduced new contact tracing staffing solutions for public health agencies to assist in the efforts on the ground to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in local communities. The company also announced expanded availability of its Maven disease surveillance and outbreak management software for tracking and reporting of COVID-19 cases and potential exposures.

Contact Tracing Support through Newly Established, Trained Staffing Solutions

To help public agencies to manage community outreach, support, communications and contact tracing, at the scales required for this pandemic, Conduent has established three levels of skilled services support based on nearly four decades of public sector health and human services support experience:

  1. General contact support will address increased community inquiries by providing information and guidance to constituents, as well as function as a first level of outreach for COVID-19-positive citizens.
  2. Skilled contact tracers, who have been trained through the Johns Hopkins certification program, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials program or equivalent, will manage the labor-intensive, time-consuming and complex contact tracing process. Conduent contact tracers will reach out to patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 to identify contacts, uncover patient travel, map relationships and provide instruction to those affected. This team will assist in tracking the spread of the virus.
  3. Advanced Disease Investigation and Case Managers will help to reduce the strain on local health resources by performing in-person or virtual follow-up patient communications, counseling on testing and quarantine, referrals for testing, and connections to relevant resources that can help individuals through their quarantine period.

Designed around the building blocks of prevention, mitigation and protection, the company’s solutions are customizable to augment agencies’ existing resources and to rapidly ramp up contact support and tracing to meet the needs of specific geographies and populations.

Microsoft Azure Availability
In addition, Conduent’s Maven module to track COVID-19 is now available on the Azure cloud platform. The Maven software — already in use by approximately 40 health agencies and available through other cloud platforms — provides public health authorities with a secure and flexible means to track confirmed COVID-19 cases and those at risk of infection, enabling robust contact tracing across states, counties, cities or regions. To help U.S. agencies quickly implement a solution that provides insights to fight coronavirus, Conduent is waiving the software license fee for the Maven COVID-19 module through June 30, 20201 for qualified state- and territorial-level public health agencies.

Contact tracing is critical in the fight to contain the spread of COVID-19 to save lives,” said Mark Brewer, President, Global Public Sector Solutions, Conduent. “While governments plan to reopen communities and the economy, Maven can provide public health agencies with accurate contact tracing to prevent new cases from growing into new outbreaks. Conduent has considerable experience assisting organizations in managing high volumes of calls, answering sensitive healthcare program inquiries, and performing case management services that require complex decision making and high-level communication skills with our trained and empathetic staff.

“By expanding Maven’s availability on Microsoft Azure, we are increasing health agencies’ highly secure access to an efficient tool that streamlines the time-consuming process of following up with potentially millions of people who may have been exposed to COVID-19,” Brewer said. “Rapid cloud deployment, coupled with contact tracing staffing solutions leveraging nearly 20 years of expert public health agency support, will help agencies bridge the resource gap with technology, people and expertise in an efficient, fast and scalable way at a time when they need a robust contact tracing solution to reopen local economies.”

Unlike recently publicized consumer-facing apps for exposure notification, Maven is specifically designed to manage lab-verified COVID-19 cases, streamline contact tracing and automate case management. The Maven Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management Platform, together with trained staffing resources to conduct community outreach, form the perfect combination to enable public health agencies to perform contact tracing at massive scale.

Conduent also announced recently that the Maven COVID-19 module is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

For information: email, visit Maven or contact Conduent at 1-833-77-MAVEN.

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