ConnectWise Introduces Sidekick for Security: Transforming Cyber Defense with AI

ORLANDO, Fla., June 4, 2024 – ConnectWise, one of the world’s leading software companies dedicated to the success of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today announced the launch of ConnectWise Sidekick™ for Security, a revolutionary AI-powered digital assistant designed to elevate cybersecurity measures. ConnectWise Sidekick for Security allows MSP owners and technicians to query using natural language prompts to quickly understand their or their customer’s overall security posture and identify high-priority security areas on which to focus their next actions.

“At ConnectWise, we are committed to providing MSPs with the tools they need to protect themselves and their clients’ business in an increasingly complex digital landscape,” said Ameer Karim, EVP and GM Cybersecurity and Data Protection at ConnectWise. “ConnectWise Sidekick for Security is a transformative leap forward, offering advanced AI-driven capabilities that ensure MSPs can defend against threats with greater efficiency and confidence.”

With ConnectWise Sidekick for Security, the company is expanding the usage of its generative AI and industry-leading natural language processing models to cybersecurity, which were introduced to the public in November 2023. Originally available across ConnectWise’s PSA and RMM solutions, ConnectWise Sidekick delivers millions of AI-powered recommendations daily across the Asio Platform. The aim is to make every organizational role more efficient, from technicians to service managers, sales and marketing, and owners.

With the introduction of ConnectWise Sidekick for Security, MSPs can now also take advantage of the following capabilities:

  • Improve Security Posture Visibility: Query for alert or ticket volume across endpoints, vulnerabilities, SaaS applications, managed detection and response, security awareness training, and email. 
  • Gain Security Ticket Assistance: Resolve security tickets rapidly with purpose-built security automations, recommended resolutions, auto remediation capabilities
  • Discover Threat Intelligence Trends: View MSP-centric threat trends identified by the ConnectWise Cyber Research Unit that might impact MSPs’ clients’ security posture.
  • Simplify Response Action: Use natural language to find vulnerabilities to patch or alerts to remediate.

Existing users of ConnectWise Sidekick can now take advantage of the fact that the AI-driven companion is accessible directly from within the ConnectWise Asio platform, centralizing the power of AI in a single location.