Crawford Technologies Announces Fully Automated Print File Indexing Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

May 19, 2023, Toronto, ON – Crawford Technologies, a leading provider of innovative document solutions that streamline, improve and manage customer communications, announced SmartSetup v2.0 with AutoSense that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to greatly simplify the task of indexing and extracting data from print files. 

SmartSetup is a no-code software solution designed to fully automate the time-consuming task of indexing, so business users can perform indexing with the push of a button and quickly verify that it is done correctly. In the past, developers would need to write scripts or programs to accomplish these functions. This reduces the cost and time needed by over 90%, resulting in significant savings.

Projects that benefit from SmartSetup include:

  • Print files for setup in workflow system – Automating the process reduces the amount of work needed to a few minutes per application, significantly speeding the time to get a project completed and tested.
  • Print file post-composition – Edits are reduced to minutes, accelerating time to market for document changes.
  • Print file data verification – Data is automatically extracted from the print files into XML, which can be easily verified.
  • Document re-composition – Extracting data from print files into XML in minutes.
  • Print file indexing for archival – Automating the design of indexing rules, reducing the work for each application from days to minutes.
  • Archive migrations – Fully automates the task of indexing, which results in faster migration projects.
  • Redactions – Automating the task of redacting sensitive data takes the time from days or weeks down to minutes, while reducing the risk of errors.

“This innovation is a solid game changer because it can save organizations millions of dollars, significant labor costs and shave years off complex migration projects,” stated Ernie Crawford, president and CEO of Crawford Technologies. “This unique technology makes it easier for organizations to onboard customer communications to their document factories, hastening digital transformation efforts.”

“Our philosophy when dealing with AI is ‘trust but verify,’” added Adam Armstrong, senior product manager at Crawford Technologies. “This has resulted in a solid production-ready solution based on proven components in use in organizations of all sizes from SMEs to Fortune 100 enterprises.”

The SmartSetup template builder runs on Windows and the production processing components come in options available in SaaS, cloud and on-premise platforms, including Windows, Linus, AIX and z/OS. The templates are supported in Crawford Technologies’ Enterprise Output Management and eDeliveryNow platforms. 

Crawford Technologies will be demonstrating SmartSetup at DSF ‘23 in Charlotte, North Carolina May 22-24 and at the National Postal Forum, also in Charlotte, May 21-24.

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