CyberGuard 360 Introduces “Deep Diver” Dark Web Monitoring and Prospecting Engine

WILTON, CT, ISSUED FEBRUARY 14, 2020…The term “Dark Web” is enough to cause anxiety among every business owner, not to mention the Information Technology (IT) companies whose mission it is to protect data.

One company is about to quell some of the angst around this situation with the release of a sophisticated, state-of-the-art, solution designed to detect and identify data breaches days, even weeks ahead of the competition.

CyberGuard 360 (, a leading cybersecurity firm which develops and markets a solution set of products to detect and mitigate threats from cyber attacks, today announced the launch of their Deep Diver, a Dark Web Monitoring and Prospecting Engine.

Al Alper, Chief Executive Officer of CyberGuard 360, said that the release of this new product follows eight months of research and development, and that it offers “arguably the best dark web data information in this market.” He said that their comparisons of Deep Diver with other products shows that Deep Diver consistently sees more data breaches and other potentially damaging information than their competition, and when the competition does have the same breach they see it first.

Alper said that the Deep Diver engine will be marketed primarily to IT companies who monitor and protect the data of their clients. “For the IT firm entrusted with the protection of its clients data, this is a valuable tool,” said Alper, noting that PIIGuard360 partners who will be licensed to use the Deep Diver can continuously monitor their clients’ domains and email address, and conduct 50 real time, “live” dark web searches each month; terrific for on-boarding or prospecting for new clients.

He added, “Since this tool reveals data breaches far ahead of other products on the market, and more of them, it also has value to the IT provider as a prospecting tool – a way to let organizations (and potential clients) realize that their information has been compromised, and be the company to provide the remedy.”

The dark web is accessible only through certain networks. Identities and locations of dark web users cannot be tracked because of a layered encryption system and use of avatars. The dark web is a place where illegal and illicit activities occur; traditional businesses and email users are constantly warned about the dangers of their information being breached and ending up on the dark web.

“Our program offers the most advanced Dark Web monitoring for MSPs, MSSPs and IT Solution Providers,” said Alper, who noted that the data shows in real time the personal identifiable information and credentials of individuals whose information is on the dark web and who most likely do not realize it. Additional information about Deep Diver is available by visiting

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