CyberGuard360 Releases PIIGuard360 Breach Prevention Platform

WILTON, CT, ISSUED MAY 9, 2019…CyberGuard360 (http.//, a firm which develops a solution set of products to detect and mitigate threats from cyber attacks, today announced the release of their PIIGuard360 Breach Prevention Platform, the first of its kind to market.

Al Alper, Chief Executive Officer of CyberGuard360 and sister company Absolute Logic, said that the platform has been distributed to a number of CyberGuard360 partners throughout the United States who will market and oversee the rollout of the program.

Alper notes that the genesis of this latest platform is the disproportionally large number of breaches that are caused by human error and/or lack of proper education and monitoring by the company.

“The best protection against cyber attacks is only as good as the team using it,” Alper said, noting that the platform is designed to help raise the awareness level and defensive posture of the human endpoints. “Our CyberGlass platform monitors, manages and mitigates threats on the technological side,” he said, adding, “A company can employ the very best protections on the market, but when an employee clicks on an infected email, they create a significant hole in the protective armor and invite a data breach.”

He continued, “And, while we’ve seen an increase in the number of companies providing training for employees, the same principle applies: good training works when people implement and follow it. Along with training, our PIIGuard360 includes a policy and procedures compliance and audit module. The organization posts its company policies and procedures, employees electronically sign it, and PIIGuard360 monitors how the employees behave relative to those policies.”

He noted that, as an example, if a company’s policies say there is no use of social media such as Facebook allowed during company time, and use is detected, the violation will raise an alert.

PIIGuard360 is the complement to the CyberGlass platform which monitors, manages and mitigates threats on the technological side; PIIGuard360 does the same on the human and cultural side of an organization. He said the platform currently includes security awareness training and regular “refreshers” so that users can be more aware of what threats look and feel like, along with company policy and procedure compliance monitoring.“ We have a terrific pipeline of additional features due out next month including dark web monitoring and simulated phishing,” Alper said. He continued, “This ties together all of the elements of the human side of breach prevention.”

“The Breach Prevention Platform helps increase the defensive posture of the organization by empowering the organizations employees in breach prevention,” Alper said.

PIIGuard360 has been in development for a year. Alper said, “Our company name implies a 360-degree view of cybersecurity. We believe that in order for that to be the case, we must consider not just the technology endpoints but the human and company endpoints as well. Human error is the largest vulnerability in any organization. Our platforms speak to the entire security posture of any organization. If a company trains its employees and doesn’t see how they, in turn behave with the technology, there is no way to know if the training was successful. Having ‘passed a test’ doesn’t mean anything if a person doesn’t use what he/she learned. This portal makes sure that none of the team ‘loses’ their knowledge.”

Alper said that this platform is first to market, and truly does measure an organization’s protection from a 360-degree angle. PIIGuard360 “talks to” CyberGlass and vice versa. “It’s what makes this first-to-market and best in class,” Alper said.

This latest product follows the release of CyberGlass SIEM 2.0 to the market late last year. The SMM (Security Management and Mitigation) tool is a first-to-market unique solution in the ongoing world of cyber threats. The platform covers cloud, perimeter, network, endpoints, and devices that interact and participate on the network.CyberGlass SIEM 2.0 incorporates all traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) components, with advanced learning and automation capabilities to further protect businesses from the growing and dangerous threat of cyber attacks on their infrastructure.  CyberGlass SIEM 2.0 incorporates all of the traditional SIEM tools with real-time information monitoring and management and further builds with the inclusion of top-level functionality that includes protection and remediation capabilities. Additionally, the management component incorporates powerful scripting and automation which have previously been the purview of RMM tools used only by MSPs and Enterprise IT departments.

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