CyGov Announces Partnership with Foresight Resilience Strategies

13 April (Tel Aviv) – SaaS-based cyber risk platform provider CyGov announced today that it had agreed to a new partnership with Foresight Resilience Strategies, which will see the CyGov platform utilized by Foresight to complement its service offerings.

Foresight Resilience Strategies brings together cyber policy experts, engineers, business leaders and data scientists to empower organizations with cyber risk management programs that measure risk in the same business terms used to measure overall organizational performance.

As a partner, the CyGov platform will enhance this work. Utilizing the CyGov platform’s top-level integrated risk management capabilities, Foresight’s offering will benefit from advantages including live threat intelligence and an automated dashboard providing a bird’s-eye view of an entire organization’s cyber risk posture. As a result, Foresight will be better positioned to accurately and effectively analyze and assess cyber risks facing its clients.

The CyGov platform offers a variety of solutions which will enhance Foresight’s financial cyber risk assessments and ongoing management services. They include CyGov’s third-party risk management solution, to better understand threats from third-party suppliers and partners, which too often go undetected. CyGov’s internal risk and compliance management solution will help alleviate the costly consequences of non-compliance or a breach/attack. Meanwhile, CyGov’s board risk reporting solution will help Foresight present such risks to clients’ executive teams in the clearest possible way.

CyGov CEO Yair Solow said “We are thrilled to partner with a top cyber risk management firm like Foresight Resilience Strategies, comprised of a stellar group of cyber experts. Their particular expertise around the FAIR model will be a huge benefit to our growing ecosystem of certified partners. This partnership represents a strong endorsement of CyGov’s technological edge in a fast pace growing space. Both companies share the common goal of empowering others to better manage their cyber risk, one through services and one through technology, the combination of the two represents the true power of one.”

Foresight CEO Adam Bobrow said “Foresight welcomes the chance to partner with CyGov, a technology leader in the cyber risk management space.  Translating the work clients need to do for compliance into the inputs for a financial model of risk demands a platform that seamlessly and comprehensively tracks cyber activities.  CyGov has the most impressive platform and, more importantly, the best team of experts and developers in this space.  It is an incredible opportunity to have our two firms working together in this critical area in the cyber security market.”

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