Docufree eSign Securely Automates Any Business Process That Requires a Signature

ATLANTAApril 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Docufree, a business process services provider of large-volume document scanning, cloud-based document management and intelligent process automation, today announced the availability of eSign, its e-signature offering that automates document signing and approval processes, making any paper-based transaction fully digital, auditable and secure.

Docufree eSign delivers the ability to easily sign and collect legally-binding signatures in seconds, automating entire workflows and safely archiving documents in a central location. It eliminates the need to print, scan, fax and email documents for approval by digitally transforming and automating the signature process so deals can be closed, agreements can be reached and consent can be gathered faster than ever before.

“Electronic signatures provide one of the easiest opportunities for accelerating transformation by enabling organizations to digitally send, sign and approve documents in minutes from anywhere,” said David Winkler, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Docufree. “Docufree eSign delivers an effortless digital-signing experience that integrates seamlessly with Docufree’s cloud-based document management and process automation platform—allowing you to add signature requests and capabilities to any document-driven workflow to fully automate the agreement process online.”

Docufree eSign helps individuals and organizations orchestrate, manage, and track the entire signing process between any number of people from anywhere, at any time. Key benefits include:

  • Unprecedented visibility. Brings visibility into every step of the signing process. Track documents and determine approval status in an instant, view and build reports, and maintain detailed audit trails.
  • Ends errors and risks. Eliminates wet-ink signatures and paper jams that can potentially lead to errors, costs, and delays. Prepare and send documents for signature with just a few clicks.
  • Go from hours or days to minutes. Replaces manual steps with standardized, automated workflows that bring speed, efficiency and compliance to approval processes.
  • Modernize workflows. Embed signature requests into automated, end-to-end workflows that orchestrate tasks between multiple participants. Set signing order and assign individuals to fields. Receive notification alerts on signature status to track and monitor the process.
  • Demonstrate compliance. Keep information protected and authenticate and verify that signers are who they say they are. Comply with signature laws, enforce business rules, and keep sensitive information and business transactions secure at all times.

“Docufree eSign is more than just an esignature offering,” added Winkler. “This is a fully digital transaction management solution.”