DocuWare Honors Digitization Projects With New Digital Leaders Award

Beacon NY, November 8, 2023 – DocuWare, the leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions, announces 17 global winners of its prestigious new Digital Leaders Award. This industry award is given to customers/winners who, according to their DocuWare Partner, represent an ECM best use case in their region.

DocuWare first selected Partners from its global network who consistently exhibited outstanding levels of expertise in the implementation of DocuWare as well as strong customer growth and retention. These Partners were in turn invited to nominate their best customer(s) for the company’s Digital Leaders Award. Nomination guidelines required that the cloud-based customers being considered for the award should use a feature such as Intelligent Indexing; have a unique integration; use DocuWare companywide or across multiple departments or exhibit tangible process and workflow improvements and revenue growths.

Today, DocuWare is excited to announce 17 winning customers who were selected from across the globe. With this new award, DocuWare honors Partners who have helped customers successfully implement and use DocuWare solutions to improve their business processes. “We are proud to recognize our valued DocuWare Partners and their customers for their unique use of our DocuWare solution. Through their handling of these digitization projects, our Partners have empowered their customers, allowing them to advance their businesses and positively impact the quality and efficiency of the work carried out by their employees,” commented Max Ertl, DocuWare President. “These 17 customers are digital leaders and their DocuWare Partners are part of a new elite group within our DocuWare community.”

This year’s Digital Leaders Award winners from North America are:

Customer: Great Northern | Partner: James Imaging Systems

Great Northern, a leading developer and manufacturer of solutions for packaging, shipping and merchandising, has digitalized its company with the support of DocuWare Partner James Imaging Systems. With over 14 locations and plans for expansion, the company found itself grappling with exponential growth in paper documents. Adding to this problem, their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were unable to effectively communicate with each other. The absence of efficient digital workflows resulted in an overreliance on email and intercompany folders, leading to operational bottlenecks. The introduction of DocuWare solved Great Northern’s document management challenges. The platform became the centralized digital repository for over 7 million documents. What began as the digitization of a single process soon expanded into the digitization of multiple workflow processes spanning all locations. DocuWare seamlessly integrated with their business-critical applications, allowing for enhanced cohesion and data exchange across the organization. Great Northern now enjoys instant access to their extensive document repository, productivity soared, and the organization experienced tangible cost savings. The customer was able to harness the power of digitalization to facilitate their growth without relying only on extensive staff increases.

Customer: Pacific Medical | Partner: Xerox Business Solutions

Pacific Medical, a distributor of medical equipment, prosthetics and orthotics, has embarked on a transformative digitalization journey in collaboration with Xerox Business Solutions West – Inland Business Systems. With operations in 7 states and 500 representatives, Pacific Medical used to have large warehouses full of documents. Their reliance on paper-driven processes led to inefficiencies in document processing. By implementing DocuWare, they were able to streamline operations significantly. The results were remarkable, with a 30% reduction in document processing times, and a notable improvement in billing turnaround. In addition to operational efficiencies, this digitization resulted in cost savings of over $10,000 per month, partly due to the reduction in expenses associated with storing physical file folders.

Customer: Salco Products, Inc. | Partner: Impact Networking, LLC

Salco Products, Inc., a manufacturer of plastic and metal products used in tank cars, hopper cars and plant process equipment embarked on a transformative digitalization journey in collaboration with Impact Networking, LLC. The company faced significant challenges when their document management relied on a local network where all employees had access rights. The decentralized storage made it difficult to locate essential documents, jeopardized data security and compliance requirements, and hindered the organization’s ability to meet crucial deadlines. The implementation of DocuWare emerged as the transformative solution for Salco Products, Inc. By serving as a secure and highly organized digital repository, DocuWare addressed their compliance-related document storage and processing needs. This transition to a digital archive was particularly instrumental in safeguarding and streamlining the compliance audit process, a mission-critical aspect of their operations. It allowed Salco Products, Inc. to navigate the increasingly complex landscape of regulations imposed on railroad suppliers while maintaining a robust level of data security and compliance. Furthermore, DocuWare’s workflow capabilities empowered the organization to significantly enhance task tracking and assignment, which led to improved operational efficiency and employees allocating more of their valuable time to their core job functions.

Congratulations to the winning customers and to their DocuWare Partners James Imaging, Xerox Business Solutions West – Inland Business Systems and Impact Networking who shaped and improved the digital processes and made their customers the digital leaders they are today. For the full list of winners, please visit our Digital Leaders Award page.