DocuWare Releases Version 6.6

New Windsor NY, – October 20, 2014 – DocuWare, a global leader in Document Management, has released the newest version of its document management system, Version 6.6. This web-based solution now includes a number of improvements in areas of workflow management and email program integration. 

With Version 6.6, the Windows Explorer Client App, Connect to Outlook module and Workflow Manager were retooled and enhanced with a variety of helpful features. Early 2014, DocuWare released Version 6.5 which featured a new design – the intuitive interface made it easier for users to tackle routine tasks with a totally web-based document management system.

The Windows Explorer Client App offers document management within the familiar folder structure of Windows Explorer mirroring storage of documents on a server network drive. Users can now either store an invoice by clicking down into the folder of choice or simply move a document by drag & drop into the central document pool – the path of the target folder will automatically be used as one of the index terms for the document saving on manual entry. Direct storage in an electronic archive, such as an A/P invoice generated by ERP software, as well as any editing of documents, is as easy and familiar as working with Windows Explorer.       

The interface of the Connect to Outlook module was also updated to reflect the new DocuWare design and made more user-friendly – this means that email can be processed even more quickly. For example, access to store/search configurations can be accessed directly out of Connect to Outlook. With Connect to Mail in Version 6.6, email from Google Mail may be optionally stored in original EML format or as a PDF (archiving in EML speeds up the storage process). 

With DocuWare Workflow Manager, detailed rules can be configured for guiding document-based business processes. This means that tasks can be assigned to employees or departments, measures can be incorporated for employee vacations/absences, and all processes can be closely monitored. In the new version, authorization processes (such as approving an invoice payment) can be handled faster through more efficient electronic stamping of multiple documents. The most urgent tasks can be highlighted in red for quick review and it is now possible to integrate document content stored in DocuWare as well as related task lists to another applications.

About DocuWare

From Documents to Value: DocuWare enables any size organization – in any industry – to transform documents into valuable capital. Regardless of format or source DocuWare automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents. Documents are readily available, where and when needed; one search quickly locates related documents.

Whether as an on-premise or as a cloud solution, DocuWare provides all the components needed for Enterprise Content Management. These solutions are highly scalable, offer a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and DocuWare is ISO Certified, FDA Compliant and rated 5-Star by Buyers Lab Inc. (BLI).

DocuWare (founded 1988) ranks among the world’s leading Document Management software companies. The company operates worldwide from Germering near Munich and from New Windsor, New York with subsidiaries in the UK, Spain and France. Its products are available in 70 countries and 16 languages to over 100,000 users in approximately 11,000 installations.

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