ECI Releases Upgraded CXintelligence Application Built on Cognytics Technology

ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced that CXintelligence (CXi) – the company’s customizable analytics application for office products and furniture dealers – has been upgraded using ECI’s Cognytics cloud-based analytics and data visualization technology. The newly enhanced CXi platform will enable ECI’s DDMSPLUS, Red Falcon, TeamDesign, Horizon and Progress customers to deliver on-demand purchasing KPIs, best practice reporting and graphical dashboards to their customers. As a result, ECI dealers will be able to more effectively build trust with their customers, improve operational transparency and enhance the buyer-supplier relationship.

Small and medium-sized office products and furniture dealers are faced with increased competition from big box companies who work to leverage information technology to their advantage. With CXi, these same dealers can gain a competitive advantage by offering their customers a superior, advanced application which gives CFO’s and buyers unprecedented, user-friendly insights into their purchasing trends and activities.

With CXi, ECI dealers can offer their customers the following benefits:

  • Graphical customer intelligence dashboard – Compelling visualizations to help buyers, purchasing agents and CFOs quickly and easily understand their purchases directly from their supplier
  • Purpose-driven visualizations – Helps CFOs, buyers and purchasing agents quickly know and understand their trends through compelling charts and graphs – no longer requiring them to request or run reports
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Important purchasing KPIs and measurements help CFOs, buyers and purchasing agents manage their buying trends, compare year-over-year spend and track their supplier performance
  • Best practice reporting – Leveraging industry knowledge within the application, buyers can run reports without contacting dealers, saving them time and ensuring they get the reports they need at the right time

“My sales representatives love the improved CXi dashboard because they now have a slick, up-to-date dashboard that customers can depend on for their information,” said ECI customer Charlie Kennedy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Kennedy Office. “The representatives have also said that this solution has given Kennedy Office another reason to stand out against the competition. Needless to say, we will definitely be getting the most out of CXi.”

“It’s our mission to deliver technology that enables our customers to more effectively compete with larger stores, and rebuilding CXi on Cognytics does just that,” said Brian Bowerfind, ECI Distribution Division President. “Now, office products and furniture dealers will be able to offer their own customers enhanced data analytics and visualizations to better understand industry trends, purchasing behaviors and business growth. Not only will this foster growth for our users’ customers, but it will also ensure positive, long-term relationships between small to mid-sized dealers and their buyers for years to come.”

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