Eclipse Corporation Expands Support and Performance for Zebra Printers

October 1, 2018 – Cape Coral, Florida – Eclipse Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise document design, presentation, generation and customer communication management software announced today that its flagship product, DocOrigin has been enhanced to drive Zebra printers at rated speeds when used in a single facility installation or globally distributed printing environments.

Eclipse Corporation has completed Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program for its DocOrigin ZPL Handler®. This designation indicates to customers and partners that the DocOrigin ZPL Handler® was successfully tested – confirming its performance and functionality. Some of the major benefits using Zebra printers and DocOrigin are:

-DocOrigin’s production software allows customers to drive an unlimited1 number of printers locally or globally.

-DocOrigin ZPL Viewer allows the person designing and testing labels to preview them in a PDF viewer. This adds convenience and reduces the cost of label development and testing. With ZPL Viewer, you can view a single label or hundreds, reduce ribbon and label waste. Make QA and Test a snap!

-DocOrigin drives powerful Zebra printers at full speed, meeting all mission-critical business demands.

-Upsell and cross-sell with labels using targeted messaging. Add safety messages or advertising next to FedEx, UPS, USPS labels based on relevant products being shipped!

Integration Without Modification™, Eclipse’s methodology, gives customers the ability to design and produce dynamic data driven labels without customization of their line of business software and eliminates the need for change orders or custom programming.

-Scalable pricing provides SMBs the same features and performance provided to our Fortune 10 customers, at an affordable price.

-LaserBand® Wristband form templates are provided to healthcare customers.

-Support for Zebra Browser Print: Simplifies monitoring USB connected printers, provides the ability to perform real-time status checking and reporting and allows cloud-based applications to print to any USB connected Zebra printer.

Many of our Zebra/DocOrigin customers; AT&T, McKesson Medical-Surgical, Pella,… benefit from the combined reliability, features and performance we provide. DocOrigin is a single design and generation software for labels, documents, forms and checks. Omni channel delivery for paper and electronic devices meet your requirements from smartphones to the world’s fastest production inkjet printers. DocOrigin even provides the ability to design and deliver fillable HTML and PDF forms.

DocOrigin allows companies to leverage the data generated by older legacy systems, modern enterprise software and customer management systems, without changing line of business software. It does all of this while meeting your customer communications management needs. With Eclipse’s scalable pricing model, customers can experience DocOrigin’s capabilities with business documents beyond labels as expansively as our Fortune 10 customers and at a price suitable for them.