Edgility, Inc. Launches EdgeAi

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Edgility, Inc. launches EdgeAi as healthcare’s first operationally embedded AI with Explainability. EdgeAi exposes the internal mechanics of machine learning and deep learning systems in human-understandable terms. Trust in AI model predictions is paramount if care providers and administrators are to accept the decisions based on them. EdgeAi generates a standard label for transparency of the prediction model, leading to better AI adoption and open-box development.

“EdgeAi natively incorporates Explainability so humans can understand the inputs and the results,” said Justin Falk, Edgility’s Chief Technology Officer. “In contrast to the traditional AI ‘black-box,’ which even the developer rarely understands, EdgeAi surfaces the logic to the end-user.”

As an early Edgility partner, University Hospitals (UH) in Cleveland is at the forefront of utilizing EdgeAi predictions and insight while revealing the data and logic that creates each forecast prediction. “At UH, we utilize EdgeAi to predict discharges and expose the factors that influence the prediction visible to all end-users,” said Sam Brown, UH’s VP of Logistics and Systems Operation.

Built into Edgility’s Smart Operations and Orchestration platform, EdgeAi predictions are mapped to specific levers of action toward achieving a particular outcome.

“UH is at the forefront of utilizing AI to build a culture of trust,” said Cliff Megerian, MD, FACS, Chief Executive Officer of UH, Jane and Henry Meyer Chief Executive Officer Distinguished Chair. “Paired with our strong strategic plan and operating model, we are achieving the advantages of being a unified health system, enabling future investments that advance care and help make UH the most trusted caregiver in Northeast Ohio.”

EdgeAi’s predictions are translated into orchestrated actions and behaviors through Edgility’s Smart Operations Platform, making this a closed-loop intelligence and action engine. “The future of problem-solving demands demystified algorithms,” said Balaji Ramadoss, co-founder, and CEO of Edgility. “EdgeAi enables health systems to construct their own AI factory to curate datasets and run thousands of learning cycles and algorithms.”

“Without a clear mapping to the next behavior, AI outputs are ineffective,” said Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, Chief Quality and Clinical Transformation Officer at UH. “At UH, we utilize the EdgeAi prediction to hardwire behavior to fractal management models to drive accountability and action.”

EdgeAi is built on Edgility’s Cognitive Platform and closes the “AI–action” loop in real-time. With over 2 million patients orchestrated just in 2021, the capability within EdgeAi will benefit millions more and transform patient care by bridging the current AI opacity.

EdgeAi is available for all existing clients utilizing Discharge as a Service®, Intelligent Transfers as a Service®, Hospital at Home Orchestration, and Staffing and Huddle Orchestration.

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