eQuorum Announces Release of ImageSite 10.3

Major enhancements in ImageSite 10.3 include:

  • Digital Signatures: A user can now add a micro-encrypted digital signature to a document and/or its markups. Markups can be digitally signed on a per-page basis and signatures can also contain comments. This signature guarantees authenticity and content and can be used to demonstrate approval. It is also an assurance to other system users that the document or its content has not changed since it was signed. This is better and faster than an e-signature as it does not require the system to query another system outside the corporate firewall, usually on the Internet. The feature essentially accomplishes the same function as an e-signature without the cost or time.
  • Notes: One or more note threads – comments and other information about the document – can be added to a document. Multiple threads, by user, can be applied to a document. The author of a thread can be emailed by another user using the Notes Email functionality.
  • Viewable custom fields: Users can now add any custom field to the viewer, per document. Any number of custom fields can be included, in any order, by a user.
  • Markups: The markups tool has been made easier to use on mobile devices, with a completely new tool palette. The palette can be dragged to any where on the edge of the drawing canvas and contains full flyout entries for easy selection on mobile devices.
  • Transmittals: Displays separate tabs for Info, Email, Confirmation Log, and Change Log. This includes the display of all incoming and outgoing emails associated to transmittals, including attachments on incoming email. The Confirmation tab displays the status of transmittals and if there is a confirming email. Transmittal-related email exceptions (like bounces) are now handled with a Bounced button that displays all transmittal exceptions.
  • Standard and custom reports: eQuorum has added numerous new, preconfigured reports, that can be attached at the project level as well as has added report generator software to permit the design and upload of totally custom reports.
  • Publishing and printing: Most files now can be converted into PDFs on the fly, which can then be directly downloaded or printed to a user’s local printers within the same browser session. PDFs can include any selected markups created on the original document.
  • Support for Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA): ImageSite can be configured to process domain login credentials using the browser IWA functionality.
  • Support for OpenJDK: The software now supports the use of OpenJDK version 11. Users still do not need Java on their client machine.
  • Plot Station: Oce ColorWave 3700 support.

“The additional features in the new version continue to demonstrate our commitment to addressing the wants and desires of our customers and new prospects,” commented Scott Brandt, CEO of eQuorum. “The digital signature functionality gets users a reliable and costless way of authenticating drawing files and documents without the need to use third party e-signature providers. 90 percent of our users just want to make sure the files are authentic and have not been changed since the last version without the hassle of internet verification codes.”

“Add to that the ability to burn-in markups into any PDF created and you have a great system for approving files and changes from version to version.” He remarked “that we are still one of the few workflow and document management providers that are truly 100 percent HTML5, meaning users don’t need to download any software, or mobile apps to their mobile devices, and there is no requirement for using and updating Java.”

About eQuorum

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, eQuorum is the developer of the ImageSite suite of products, including Engine-Box.com cloud solution, an enterprise-wide workflow and content management software with departmental level pricing. ImageSite can be implemented as both an internal workflow and document management system and as a cloud-based collaboration solution with affiliates, customers, and vendors for a wide variety of industries. eQuorum provides solutions including its software, NIST assessment consulting, training, and implementation services to help customers quickly realize the productivity benefits of their solutions. For additional information regarding eQuorum’s products and services, please call 404.497.8110 or visit the company’s web site: https://www.eQuorum.com/

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