eQuorum Enhances Their Engineering Workflow and Document Management Solution to Simplify Third-Party Collaboration

ATLANTA, GA – eQuorum is enhancing their engineering workflow and document management solution with an even easier and more secure way for users to distribute and share important files, documents and CAD drawings between internal and external teams.  The enhanced features in the Version 11.4 release will aid organizations by increasing collaboration efficiency and security while improving workflow and team communication.

With a constantly changing economic landscape and increase in remote work, it is critical that teams have the right tools to work together more effectively and to solve problems, both internally and with third parties.  As work teams become more distributed and file security more concentrated, having applications that assist in getting the right information to the right workflow participants at the right time becomes even more important.  Third parties, including customers, vendors, and contractors are looking for greater ease in accessing data and quicker turnaround in responding to requests for information.

According to Scott Brandt, CEO of eQuorum, “we always look to provide engineers with the right tools that help their teams work better together so they can complete their projects faster and with less resources.  This can be achieved by equipping teams with the right tools that help with disciplined workflow management and scheduling.  Our new key functionality, 3P Direct, gives third parties easy and secure access for viewing, downloading, marking up, and printing of documents without setting them up as users.  Our clients can just send an email and a link that allows the third party the access they want them to have.  We believe 3P Direct will significantly improve the way our clients do business and the industries we serve. I am proud of the work our team has done to make this possible.”

New software enhancements in the release of Version 11.4 include:

 3P Direct

  • Customers can provide direct access to third parties to view, download, markup, and print documents plus CAD drawings, without having to download, zip, email, ftp, or resort to external third-party tools.  This new key functionality enhances project collaboration by saving customers a step in the document-sharing process while protecting their IP and files that matter most.

Task Scheduler

  • Customers can easily perform and share regularly scheduled reporting for internal and external parties.  Administrators can also now schedule the transfer of project files and metadata to an external data storage device or Amazon S3 Bucket for archiving.  Other key functionality will be included in the Scheduler in upcoming releases.

 Workflow +

New automated enhancements leverage more metadata granularity to help improve process flow with third parties.  New features allow users to:

  • Customize fields associated with specific steps and notifications using field value substitution
  • Easily disable workflow configurations and share workflows with a secured link
  • Add saved and active sets of files or documents to a workflow
  • Launch a new workflow when a new markup is added to a document.

Transmittal Support and Custom Fields for Sets

  • Customers can pair saved set data with transmittal data enhancing document control, search and customization capabilities.


  • Enhancements have been made to configuration parameters for added document and file security.

Design Support

  • Customers can maintain visual consistency across CAD and document management systems with DGN rendering now supporting all active Views, similar to AutoCAD layouts.

Existing customers can download the upgrade from the Customer portal starting July 18. Contact eQuorum Customer Support at support@eQuorum.com for assistance in free upgrading.