Fandom to Deploy AI and Neural Networks for Esports Data With Intellect Dynamics

Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – August 4, 2020) –  FANDOM SPORTS Media Corp. has entered into a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with Intellect Dynamics, an award winning Canadian firm specializing in the development of technology solutions and services focusing on real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, business process automation and decision support.

“As the Company continues to evaluate and integrate numerous in-game content and data feed providers, it has become evident that there is a glaring hole in the competitive landscape. The differentiation between suppliers, specifically in wagering vertical, though not limited to it, is minute and unmistakeable,” states David Vinokurov, CEO and President. “The extraordinarily dynamic DataBioniXTM platform powering the Fandom Esports platform’s proprietary prediction model will support Fandom Sports in creating the most robust user experience on the market. The partnership with DataBionixTM will facilitate the permeation of Fandom Sports into new facets of the global Esports ecosystem not originally envisioned.”

DataBioniX™ platform collects data from disparate sources into proprietary associative neural networks generating new and useful knowledge from that data. The platform creates real-time snapshots of ingested data, applies analytics followed by automation and process improvement. DataBioniX™ brings data to ultimately process itself. Real-world tested across the enterprise health care, multinational supply chain management, and global telecom solutions providers the DataBioniXTM associative neural network has yielded positive outcomes across tens of thousands of patient interactions, hundreds of thousands of employee requisitions, millions of points of contact and billions of points of data collections.

“Together Fandom Sports and Intellect Dynamics will revolutionize the way that data is interacted with and aggregated across the entire gaming industry in both all ages and pure wagering verticals. The firms are working towards a definitive agreement which will outline the scope and breadth of the pending partnership,” states Christian Gravel, CEO Intellect Dynamics.

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