FiscalNote Launches AI Copilot to Navigate Geopolitical and Regulatory Risk, First in a Series of AI-Powered Copilots to Revolutionize the Legal, Regulatory, and Risk Industries

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FiscalNote Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NOTE) (“FiscalNote”), a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology provider of global policy and market intelligence, today announced the introduction of the FiscalNote Global Intelligence Copilot,an AI-powered assistant to help customers assess the shifting global landscape, manage emerging developments, and mitigate risk involved with the world’s most pressing geopolitical, macroeconomic, security, and regulatory challenges.

In today’s interconnected world, businesses face an array of challenges stemming from geopolitical tensions, economic fluctuations, and regulatory changes. Recognizing the need for proactive risk management solutions, FiscalNote has developed a groundbreaking AI agent that leverages cutting-edge technology, proprietary data, and innovative software solutions to provide invaluable insights and strategic guidance.

FiscalNote’s AI Copilots are revolutionary new AI agents fine-tuned for regulatory and risk management professionals to facilitate their day-to-day work on key tasks related to legislation, regulatory compliance, advocacy, constituent communications, regulatory responses, and global risk analysis. Using FiscalNote’s AI Copilots, customers can automate tasks, improve decision-making, and increase productivity and efficiencies — driving value and results across the enterprise. FiscalNote’s Copilots combine the power of large language models and FiscalNote’s trusted industry-leading policy and geopolitical data all in a seamless workflow to provide critical and actionable answers and insights for the world’s most important decision makers.

To accelerate this program – and deliver customer value and fuel the Company’s growth – FiscalNote has created a modular framework designed from the ground up to allow for an intuitive user interaction with LLM-powered agents drawing on data and content from across FiscalNote’s suite of products. This platform will also enable the rapid development of future copilots and agents.

FiscalNote’s inaugural Global Intelligence Copilot is an ‘always-on’, constantly curated AI assistant that empowers users to more efficiently and effectively find the critical information they need from the Company’s portfolio of renowned geopolitical and intelligence products — providing an essential tool for security, policy, strategy, and intelligence teams across major corporations, worldwide organizations, and governments. The Copilot serves as a trusted ally for decision makers and executives, offering real-time intelligence and decision support based on insights from over 1,500 experts, 50,000 reports, and more than 18,000 risk ratings.

FiscalNote’s Global Intelligence Copilot leverages sophisticated algorithms and data to assess geopolitical risks on a global scale, identifying potential threats and opportunities that may impact business operations. Tailored to the specific needs of FiscalNote’s customers, the Copilot delivers personalized recommendations and actionable insights from an expansive database of world-class data within seconds. Spanning content across its geopolitical, macroeconomic, and security and risk portfolio — featuring Oxford Analytica, FrontierView, and Dragonfly — users can ask questions related to a wide-range of issues, such as:

  • Geopolitical and market analysis
  • Forecasts on inflation and other key macroeconomic indicators
  • Travel risk and advisory
  • Ongoing military conflicts
  • Emerging risks by country
  • Views on the policy impacts of a national election

“We’re excited to launch the first of many planned copilots using FiscalNote’s new Copilot application framework, which combines our proprietary content and data sets with custom LLM agents to deliver an AI-native experience, enabling us to continue to introduce a series of industry-leading copilots across our legal, regulatory, and risk workflows,” said Josh Resnik, President and Chief Operating Officer, FiscalNote. “Our global customers rely on FiscalNote’s leading data, analysis, and AI-enabled tools to keep workforces and businesses safe from risk and fully informed of worldwide changes and threats on a daily basis. Our new Global Intelligence Copilot will help them do so more quickly, efficiently, and accurately — operating across our full suite of geopolitical intelligence products by bringing together world class, unparalleled content and insights on a unified AI-powered platform. Businesses with global operations are increasingly focused on the cross-functional impacts of emerging geopolitical crises, making it more important than ever for customers to track developments with the latest data and information. With the Global Intelligence Copilot, customers can ask questions and get instant answers with long-term strategic perspectives, short-term tactical forecasts, as well as macroeconomic implications.”

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