Five Reasons the Time is Now for a Document Capture Makeover

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 7, 2015—Today 87 percent of business applications are web-based, yet only two percent of firms use web technology for document scanning, which begs the question, “why?” “Web-based applications by nature are fast and inexpensive to deploy, and easy to manage compared to installing software on users’ desktop PCs. We are excited about bringing these same efficiencies to capture and most importantly, adding the ability to embed capture within business applications with the KODAK Info Input Solution,” said Tony Barbeau, Products & Services general manager and vice president, Information Management, Kodak Alaris.

The KODAK Info Input Solution is a web-based document capture application that provides an inexpensive way to transform, simplify and “makeover” document capture processes and services.   Info Input was specifically created for capture. It’s secure, scalable, interoperable and simple to use, and it provides organizations with a practical way to leverage existing investments.

In addition to the benefits users would expect from a web-based capture solution, the new release of Info Input Solution – version three – announced today by Kodak Alaris delivers the following:

1.     Outstanding performance: Info Input is designed to deliver thick-client-like performance, keeping up with scanners operating from ten – 210 pages per minute (ppm).

2.     Open architecture: Its open architecture enables easy integration with legacy systems, making it easy to migrate over time and avoid the risks of “rip and replace” deployment.

3.     Reduced demand on IT: Its web-based architecture saves IT staff time by not having to deploy, support and update software on desktops. All administrative and maintenance functions are performed on a central server and pushed out to clients.

4.     Ease of use: The intuitive user interface minimizes start-up time and training costs. With Info Input, the scan function can optionally reside within a business application, so users never have to leave the app to scan. Embedding capture directly into the business process reduces errors and makes information more readily available. For example, with Info Input integrated into a web-based expense reporting application, a user can scan receipts directly into the app without having to navigate to a folder, find a file and import it into the system.     

5.     Secure transactions: Info Input is Java based, which is known for being highly secure and leveraging web services for all communications using standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

“With recent shifts in the vendor landscape, now is the time for businesses and solution providers to rethink their capture strategies and consider new options for capture software,” said Barbeau. “We understand the market is seeking a solution that is vendor agnostic and mutually beneficial—one that will easily work for a variety of industries and platforms.”

What’s New in the Latest Version of Info Input?

•       Asynchronous batch downloading: To improve operator productivity and reduce processing time delays, staff can start to index scanned documents while a batch is still downloading, eliminating wait times.

•       Additional language support: In addition to English, simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Arabic are now all supported.

•       Multi-language optical character recognition (OCR) support on the fly: This allows operators to quickly change language using a simple drop down menu when using OCR to index documents. It is ideal for customers like business process outsourcers (BPOs) operating in regions where various languages are used.   

Early Adopters of Web-based Capture See Big Benefits

Web-based capture solutions are beginning to gain traction across a variety of industries and vertical markets:

•       A well-known global financial organization needed to improve its process for opening new accounts to acquire more new customers. To bring these onboard involved account set-up forms, supporting documentation, and a lot of other paperwork. By enabling the account management team to scan and index documents on-site with Info Input, the customer has:

o   Eliminated delays in on-boarding new customers

o   Reduced shipping costs. Customers no longer need to ship documents to a central scanning location

o   Ensured all appropriate documents are captured and stored electronically with fewer errors

o   Established a method for audit trail information to be captured from the beginning of the process at the point of origination

The Info Input Solution enabled this client to create, deploy and centrally manage an account setup application in 50 percent less time. The secure, cost-effective solution addressed all of their document capture needs, while helping to increase customer satisfaction and achieve client acquisition goals.

•       A state department of transportation was searching for a more efficient way for various applications to associate document-based information with public records and accounts. The current system was error prone due to a multi-step process, which resulted in a poor customer experience. To solve this, the Info Input capture client was embedded in web portals used by the public to guide users through the process. This reduced errors and provided quicker responses to their requests. Using Info Input, the department of transportation cut implementation time by 70 percent and was able to quickly scale the solution for all departments and applications.

•       For BPOs service level agreements and geographic profiles are constantly changing. One Kodak Alaris client needed to push out a capture solution to distributed locations across the country. The BPO needed one platform to support a wide variety of customers. Info Input provided a means to use a common system to provide a scanning solution for all types of documents and scanning devices for both distributed and centralized operations. It also made it easier to go onsite and capture documents since all they needed was access to a browser. The BPO never had to ship or install specialized hardware and software. Using Info Input helped increase customer satisfaction, profitability and their ability to scale solutions.

Info Input integrates with the KODAK Info Insight Platform, a comprehensive suite of solutions that enables a broad range of businesses to automate processes and address input capture, analysis, understanding, and enrichment of key information. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to provide understanding and management of incoming documents and customer communications, regardless of format and structure.

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