FormKiQ Launches Enterprise Document Management Software

FormKiQ Enterprise builds off of FormKiQ’s foundational product FormKiQ Core, which delivers complete electronic document management system (EDMS) functionality, including document collection and storage, organization and classification, processing and transformation, and discovery, presentation, and integration. FormKiQ Enterprise offers an enhanced solution for more complex enterprise use cases, including deploying a customizable enterprise content management system (ECMS), adding EDMS features to existing applications, ensuring safety and compliance, and providing advanced functionality for document capture, processing, indexing, and more.

Beyond its powerful core capabilities, FormKiQ revolutionizes the entire philosophy of how EDMSs are built and powered. While other EDMSs offer a standalone product that doesn’t integrate into the client’s existing infrastructure, FormKiQ installs directly into the client’s existing structure, giving them complete control over the product’s code and data. The system is also built on Amazon Web Services’ serverless model, eliminating any server configuration or maintenance since AWS manages these features.

This new cloud-based approach to EDMSs is something FormKiQ’s founders hope transforms how organizations think about, operate, and purchase EDMSs. FormKiQ’s leadership team sees incredible potential in their product to lead the charge in the next generation of EDMSs that can reduce the total cost of ownership and create better reliability and scalability for enterprises.

The concept is so new and revolutionary that the team believes it deserves its own name: Software-In-Your-Cloud.

“We’re continually surprised by how many possibilities this new model for enterprise applications is opening up,” said Regan Wolfrom, co-founder of FormKiQ. “With our Software-In-Your-Cloud model, it’s never been easier to customize software and integrate with services and vendors. While we initially aimed to improve web forms, we soon realized that the true potential for industry change lies in managing documents and other information. We’re now recognizing that FormKiQ provides the building blocks for a multitude of enterprise content management requirements.”

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